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Y/n pov

I was the classic popular chick. Except I wasn't a snob, and truthfully, I just wanted to be normal. If I was...maybe everyone would still be alive. Maybe I'd still be free. 

It started out as a normal day, I walked into class, instantly being flooded with boys. "Will you go out with me!?" "No! Go out with me!" "No me!"  The arguing continued, until an all out brawl started. I backed away slowly, until I found an empty seat in the back. Beside a dark looking boy. Surprisingly, he never talked to me, or tried anything -Though I sometimes got him starring, or glaring at the others around me. He had dark brown hair that covered one, strange purple eye. It could've been contacts. He wore a simple white V neck and grey pants. I smiled at him, "Is it alright if I sit here?" Quickly, he looked away, nodding shyly. So, I sat beside him, hoping no one else would notice me. I flipped up the hood of my jacket, just in case. Everyone was most likely too busy watching the fight. Even the teacher was watching, not knowing what to do. Every once and awhile, out of the corner of my eye, I could see the boy glance at me, his eyes holding...something strange, unknown....something feral. I shrugged it off, continuing on with a normal day. Near the end, when I was alone in the library, everything changed. I was alone. Completely alone.There wasn't even a librarian! Than again....no one really came here....and the librarian could be in the bathroom.
A scream suddenly cut threw the air. It sounded slightly far away. I jumped, dropping the book I was reading. Several silent, heavy moments passed. I wondered if I was just going crazy. The thought was destroyed when another sounded. And another, and another. They were blood curdling ones. Screams of pure terror, fear, horror. I could hear muffled cries of 'STOP', 'MONSTER', 'HELP', the list went on. Instantly, I ran to a dark corner, a space between two book shelves. Just as I sat there, holding my knees to my chest, the power cut off. he only source of light was from a few windows, none of which were near me. The screams got louder and closer, a smell wafted in. It smelt like burnt rubber. Smoke. It was smoke. What was happening out there!? I had no way of knowing, I could only sit and shake in total fear. I had no way to contact anyone, and if the power was out, so were the corded phones. A dim orange glow could be seen from under the door. With a sick realization, I found that if I stayed in here, I would most likely burn to death. So, reluctantly, I got up, running to the door. The screams were still heavy in the air. When I swung the door open, I screamed. Fire was everywhere, but not just that. Corpses littered the floor. People cut open, their eyes gouged out, mouths curled back in a silent never ending scream. Holding back my lunch, I gingerly stepped over the various organs and entrails, picking up speed until I was sprinting down the hall. I made it over to an area with no fire, but more bodies. I could see people a vagually remembered, seeing people from my class -they seemed to be in the worst shape. A  hand suddenly landed on my shoulder, jerking me into someone's chest. Instantly, I shrieked, struggling to get away. An arm wrapped tightly around my waist, assuring I wouldn't get away. In my terrified struggling, I managed to face the attacker, not expecting what I seen. It was the boy from before, with the purple eyes. Except....he was different. His pupils were slited, a wicked grin stretched across his blood splattered face. He was covered in blood, but that wasn't what scared me most. It was the fact that....he had large black and purple wings, and a black tail, flicking back and fourth. I wondered if I was actually insane, or this was some sick dream. "L-let go of me!" I yelled, struggling harder. He just laughed, puling me closer. I tried hitting him, but, it appeared to do no damage. He stroked my cheek, insanity clear in his eyes.
Everything went black. 

I woke up on a bed, in an unknown room. Slowly, I sat up, glancing around. When I seen those damned purple eyes, I screamed, trying to jump off the bed. He, however, was faster, grabbing my wrist and jerking me back. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed, shaking violently. Sharp claws suddenly clasped around my neck. He crawled on top of me, easily pinning me to the bed. The creature still looked...well, like a monster. Hell, it was a monster! He smirked, "Finally." He whispered. "F-finally what?" I stuttered, giving up on struggling. "I finally have you...." "Y-you...k-killed everyone." He chuckled darkly, "They deserved it." "N-no they didn't!" I protested, trying to jerk my hands out of his grip. He slapped me, the claws leaving thin  cuts in my cheek. I stopped, tearing up and shaking harder. "They did deserve it." He hissed, his grip on my neck tightening, "They shouldn't have been near you...You're mine!" I whimpered, in was in tears at this point. He grinned, removing his claw hand thing and  wiping them away, "And I'll never let you get away." I broke down, sobbing and trembling. I managed to whisper, "W-who are y-you? Wh-what ar-are y-you?" He smiled, "My name's Enderlox. And what I am doesn't matter." Wh...h-how does it not matter!? Y-you ha-have wi-wings!" He replayed sarcastically, "Oh, hm, I guess I do." "I-I want to g-go home!" He seemed to purr, pressing his body against mine, "This is your home now."

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