Animatronic Jinbop x reader

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Y/n pov

I sat down on the chair, ready to begin my new job. I grabbed the tablet and began the recording. "Hello? Hello?" A voice started, "You must be the new guard! Haha, you made a horrible mistake." His voice wasn't cheerful anymore, "Those animatronics are killers. And as soon as it hits 12 am, those doors lock, ad you're trapped with them. Well. Him. This place looks cheerful and happy! But don't believe the facade. He will kill anything that breaths. You being one of them! Now, they is only one. He...destroyed the others. Lets just leave it at that. I'll try to help you threw the night. First off, he'll began moving towards you at 3 am. And if he gets too close, where you see him out the door, hit the button, and blam! He's locked out. But, it only stays down for a span of maybe a least you have unlimited power! But...if he wont leave, hide. Do NOT run. Just hide. Good bye and...good luck." I shuddered, a killer!? I turned the tablet on, seeing the dreaded creature starring at the camera with a huge grin. I gasped, almost dropping the object. His eyes -Usually brown I was told- were pure black. His teeth almost seemed...sharpened? His clothing was ripped. And his hair, well, his hair looked normal. Black and covering one eye. Oh wait! Nope. Blood stained. "Ah that's nice!" I hissed sarcastically. The camera glitched, then he was gone. I gasped again and switched threw them. Finally I found him sitting on one of the tables. He was picking something? Ripping it? Eating it? "What are you doing?..." I whispered to my self, looking closer. His head snapped up, and he starred. -His eyes were brown again- a smile curled on his lips. And he threw whatever it was at the camera. I screamed when I seen it was some kind of animal! He was eating an animal! He was ripping it apart! Blood splattered all over the camera. I screamed more and threw it down. Loud, dark laughing could be heard from down the hall. I picked up the tablet, seeing a large crack in it. I sighed, trying to turn it on. IT flashed a few colors, then turned off. My eyes widened slightly, and I tried again. And again. And again! Never did it even try to turn on! "NO! WHY!?" A sound of running and metal scraping made me jump up and run to the door. Just as I was about to hit the button. He appeared in the door way. I slammed my fist against  the button, the door slammed down, a bang sounded as he slammed against it. I backed up, he popped up in the window. He had an innocent, almost sweet look on his face. "Hi! He said happily, "Can I come in? I wanted to say hi to you, but you shut the door..." He pouted, actually looking adorable. "Y-you just said hi. can g-go now!" I said with a shaky laugh. He laughed again, "But I want a hug too!" He smiled that oh so innocent smile. "Pwese?" He gave the classic puppy eyes, moving closer to the window. For a second, I doubted what the man on the phone said. Then the door opened. His adorable face switched to an evil one, "And I was hoping you would last longer." His eyes turned black, his sharp teeth visible, "Oh well. This'll be fun though." I screamed as he suddenly leaped at me. I barely dodged as he slammed against the wall. He snarled and spun around, standing to his full height -being way taller then me-. I backed up, starring at him with only fear. He chuckled darkly, baring his blood stained teeth. I backed up more, he chuckled -his voice now darker- and advanced on me. I screamed as he suddenly slammed me against a wall, moving close to my face. "I haven't seen a girl in ages." He hissed, "It's always the usual scrawny scared male....heh, they don't last long." He examined my features, then felt my hair. I whimpered slightly, moving closer to the wall. The black haired creature giggled, moving even closer with a smirk. He just starred into my eyes. "What's your name?" He asked in a hushed tone. "Y-Y/n." I said quietly. He smiled sweetly, his eyes turning brown, "I'm Jin. I would say it is nice to meet you, but it probably wasn't for you." I stayed quiet. It was true, I'm terrified! "You're so beautiful." He muttered. Jin -I think he said- smirked and looked over his shoulder. "It's only three am." He chuckled, looking back at me. "That gives us plenty of time." Before I could think about what that meant, he smashed his lips against mine. 
This is gonna be a long night.

Muhahaha I end et there.
But first.

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