Augustus x Scared!reader -Part two SMUT-

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Welp. Smut. Warning. blah blah blah. you get it.

Y/n pov

Augustus pulled away with a smirk, "You vwant to do a vittle morre?~" I nodded slightly, blushing badly. He chuckled and un buttoned the shirt I was wearing (I bet chu thought I forgot!), slipping it off. I blushed even darker, if that was possible. He took my bra off too. On instinct, I covered my chest. He smiled softly, "Vlease Don't hide, you'rre beautivul.~" I smiled slightly and set my arms down. "Zo...zo beautivul.~" He kissed me while gently messaging one breast. I kissed back, moaning quietly. He pulled off and stopped, I almost wined. He tugged on my pants slightly. I nodded and he took them off. I blushed DARKER. He chuckled, "You vlook cute vwhen you blush.~" I looked down slightly, completely flustered. He peaked my cheek, "Arre you ztill a virrgin?" I nodded slightly. (Why do I always make the bottom virgin? IDK DUN ANSWER THAT XD) He smiled reassuringly, "Vi'll be gentlle.~"  I smiled a little, "Th-thanks." He hummed in reply and took my panties off. I crossed my legs slightly, kinda scared. He took my hand in his, "I vwont hurrt you. Vlease uncrrose" I shakily sighed and did as he asked. He smiled and kissed my head, and opened a drawer beside the bed, rummaging threw it. While he did that, I tried calming myself down. I gave myself a small pep talk, managing to calm down a little. I was still nervous...a lot. You couldn't really blame me though...I've never done anything like this. At all. He shut the door once he found what he was looking for. A small bottle of what I presume is lube. He picked me up and sat me down on his lap, "Dis may zting.." I nodded slightly. He opened it with a 'pop'. He squeezed some of it on his three fingers and sat the bottle beside him. I shuddered slightly as he slid on in. It was cold and..felt weird. I definitely was not used to this. He pumped it in and out slowly. I winced as he pushed another in. I laid my head on his shoulder and tried to not think about the pain. He pumped them slowly, the pain started to die down, and I moaned quietly. He made a scissoring motion that made me gasp and moan. He added a third and slowed down. I wined slightly in pain. He shushed me quietly, telling me it will feel better. And it did, I moaned louder then I did before. After he thought I was prepped enough, he pulled his fingers out and sat me down, laying on my back. Augustus stripped the remaining cloths he had...he was huge. He positioned himself with my legs around his waist. "Veady?" I nodded slightly, a little unsure of myself. He slowly entered the tip. I gasped again and grabbed his shoulders. He moved more in slower, stopping when half was in. II whimpered and my grip on his shoulders tightened. A few tears began to fall, which he quickly wiped away. He gave me a while to adjust before he started moving slowly. It still hurt, but not as much as before. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure and I moaned. He smiled slightly and went faster. Making me moan louder. He thrusted harder and deeper into me, I moaned louder. He was going faster and harder with   each thrust, making me moan louder and louder. He angled his hips slightly, looking for the one spot that would make me scream. I moaned loudly when he found it. He smirked slightly and pulled all but the tip out. I gasped slightly. And he slammed forward, hitting my g-spot dead on. I screamed in pure pleasure. He repeatably  slammed into me, and I felt my orgasm coming close. He grunted slightly and went faster and harder. I screamed louder, loving every second of it. It was...almost intoxicating. I screamed his name as I came. He grunted and cummed deep in me. I went slightly limp, letting go of his shoulders, my eyes closed. He pulled out and laid beside me, pulling me close to him. I smiled and snuggled against his warm chest. He pulled the blankets over the both of us. "I love you Y/n." I smiled, "I-I love y-you too A-Augustus." He kissed my head. The door suddenly slammed open, making me jump and yelp, hiding against his chest. I looked up slightly and seen Lily wide eyed. "I CAN'T FIND Y/-....." She went silent mid sentence. Seeing the both of a bed...naked... She suddenly screamed and ran out, slamming the door shut. We both just stayed silent...blushing badly at what happened.

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