Skybrine x Demon!reader

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Le reader is a Succubus.

Woooo, drabble XD Sorry t'is short.

Y/n pov

I grinned at my next target. Another demon. Not the usual human, this'll be fun. He was currently in the woods, walking calmly threw. I followed silently, appearing behind him. With the tap on his shoulder, he spun around, eyes blazing. "Hey cutie." I giggled. He gave me a critical look, "Uh...goodbye." He turned back around. Aw...not the usual, instant love trick's gonna work. Before he could get walk away, I grabbed his arm, spinning him around, "Not so fast!" He looked like he wanted to rip my head off. "Okay," He started, "Look, lady, I'm not interested, so you can turn aro-" "Not interested?" I cut in with an Innocent smile. Before he could make a snarky comment, I slammed my lips into his, giving him a long kiss. When i pulled away, his whole approach changed. He smiled, the spell already taking affect. I smiled, pulling him closer by his shirt, "Now, still not interested?" He shook his head, "I-I'm all yours."

Requested by HelloKwitty001
Again, sorry it's short.

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