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Mad Cry x insane!reader

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Sitting on the floor with a small dog on my lap...and ma legs cramped up, lifes GOOD.

(Y/n) pov

Ii giggled and pulled my (f/c) hood on. "Time for some fun~" I grabbed my knife. I smiled and walked out the door.

=time skip made of gummy bears=

I put my hood on and wrapped my hand on the knife in my pocket. I watched a a girl walked into an all. "Big mistake." I grinned and followed her. She turned around, "who are you?" She asked when i walked up to her. "I'm the last thing your ever gonna see." I replied and pulled out my knife. I laughed at her scared expression. "S-stay away from me." She backed up; into a wall. 'stupid girl' i thought. "HEL-" she screamed but i put my hand over her mouth. I smiled insanely and slit her throat. I cleaned my knife and backed up. Suddenly i felt an arm wrap around my waste and a knife at mt throat. "tWhats a cute girl like you committing a crime?" I grinned. "Oh you know. Some people handle things differently then other's." He laughed and i took the moment escape. I smiled and held my knife to his throat, "looks like the tables have turned. I said. "Uh.." he looked very confused. I took the moment to study him. He had on a mask, a little bloody. Grey hoody and dark grey pants and shoes. "Well it looks like you committed a crime to or is that ketchup?" I said titling my head. "Maybe, but can you uh... take your knife off my throat please?" I took the knife away, "whats your name?" I asked sitting on a (randomly placed) box. "Mad Cry. You?" "(Y/n)." I replied "well, (y/n), wanna be my partner in crime?" He asked. "Sounds like fun."

=time skip 2 months=

Mad Cry pov

I may or may not like (y/n), okay i do. She walked into the kitchen =they share a house now= that's it I'm telling her. "Hey (y/n)?" "Yah?" I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She blushed. I tilted her head up and slowly kissed her. She froze but slowly kissed back. I smiled into the kiss. I pulled way, "(y/n), i love you. I have since i first layed eyes on you." She smiled and hugged me. "I love you too, Cry." I smiled and hugged her back kissing the top of her head.

There you are sorry if it sucks.
Requested by, Ashley_dog_lover_23. (Sorry if its wrong

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