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BTW MirrorLox has his arm for this, more will be explained in the book ;) The ACTUAL book, not this x3

Y/n pov

"Can I trust you?" Sky asked, holding the mirror. I nodded. He just got done telling me the story on how 'MirrorLox' almost killed everyone. He handed it to me, "Okay. Don't drop it. Even if a single piece falls out, he'll be released. We'll be back in a week. Bye, Y/n." He started for the door, but Ty stopped him really quick. And he whispered to him, "Are you sure we should be doing this? This isn't right." "Of course." Sky whispered back. I manage to here all of it though. I thought nothing of it, "Bye guys." They left, however, Ty looked sorry. I shrugged it off and shut the door. "So, this is the great Mirror? Huh, doesn't look so big and bad." I said, grinning, "Haha! The big bad MirrorLox is gonna come back and kill us all!" I kept mocking it, laughing. I looked at my broken reflection, it suddenly flashed, showing someone who looked like Ty, but his hair was hiding the opposite eye. I yelped and dropped it. CRACK. I hesitantly picked it up, a large piece of glass laid on the floor, I turned it over, black liquid seeped out of the cracks and poured out of the piece that fell out. I gasped and quickly, and carefully, set it back on the ground, "What the hell?" I starred at it for a second then ran for the phone. I left it in the kitchen. I ran in and picked it up dialing Sky's number. "Hello? Y/n?" Ty answered. "Ty! I-I...Th-the Mirror!" I couldn't talk properly. "Did you brake it!?" I told him what happened. The others gasped from the back ground, and I could hear Sky talking, "We can't go back, we have to leave her." I frowned, "What!?" "U-uh, Y/n, I have to-to g-go." Ty hung up. I looked at my phone, what, they were going to leave me?? I peeked in the living room, almost screaming. A man stood over the mirror, laughing. He looked like Ty, except with a black shirt, white border, black jeans, black shoes with green laces, and his eyes were green. One was green, the other was cracked with no pupil. Green glowed from the cracks. His left arm had cracks running up it, they also glowed green. He had the same headphones as Ty, but, you guest it, they were racked. He laughed and his head snapped up, looking at me, he had a huge grin, showing teeth, "Thank you for freeing me from that horrible prison. Hehe, how I miss the feeling of blood." He licked his lips. I slammed the kitchen door shut, grabbing a chair to block it. "Aw, don't be like that!" He said, I guess this is MirrorLox. I grabbed my phone, and a knife. I called Ty this time, "Hello?" He answered. "GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND HELP ME!" I screamed. "Okay, calm down. I-I can't." He whispered. "WHY!?" He hung up. The door suddenly slammed open, "I'll tell you why."  MirrorLox grinned. I felt frozen, I couldn't move. He walked in front of me, and he jerked the knife out of my hands, throwing it, it stabbed into the wall. He walked around me, "They left  you. They left the mirror with you so that they could get away. They knew I would get out today, so, they got rid of it. They were hoping that I would kill you, giving them time to get away. They left you to die." He whispered (I MADE A SWORD <==[=0) in my ear. I felt my self tearing up, they would never do that. "They would." MirrorLox grinned. 'How did he-' he cut my thoughts off, "I can read minds, I can do a lot of things. But most I can only do in the Mirror Relm." The door slammed open, "GET AWAY FROM HER!" It was Sky and Ty. (Who else screamed Skylox in there head???) 'They do care!' I thought. MirrorLox growled and turned around, "So, you actually came back! So, what made you change your mind? Her screams for help?" He jerked his thumb back at me. "I-I don't kn-know what y-you're talking about." Sky stuttered. He laughed, "Really? You're doing this!? I can already read your minds! Oh, are you trying to make Y/n believe that you guys are heroes?" He tilted his head to the side. 'How does he know my name?' I thought, 'Oh yeah, he can read minds.' "Stupid." he muttered. "Hey!" I glared at him. "Leave Y/n out of this! She didn't do anything." Ty said, stepping forwards. "Okay, so why did you leave her to die from me? Why would you do that, she didn't do anything." He grinned evilly. I looked down, they left me to die. "N-no, th-that's n-not wh-" MirrorLox was suddenly in front of Ty, "You wanted her dead, just so you and your friends could get way, so that they could live. But at the price of Y/n's life. You could have gotten rid of me in a different way, one with less blood shed, yet, you wanted Y/n to die." Ty tried to talk, but it only came out as a whimper, and he looked down. "Y-you wanted me to die?" I questioned. Sky looked at me, "Y/n, it w-wasn't so th-that  you would d-die. It's j-" "Stop lying to her." MirrorLox was appeared beside me, "Can't you see, she's not believing you. Why not give her the truth?" He grabbed my neck and suddenly, the whole scene changed. I appeared to be a ghost, and no one could see me. I was at the Team Crafted house. Everyone stood around a broken Mirror, MirrorLox's Mirror. "We can't just leave it here, we have to get rid of it." Husky said, staring at it. "Yeah, MirrorLox said he'll be back in seven years. That;s tomorrow." Sundee said from beside him. Sky nodded, "We know that he'll be back for sure tomorrow." Everyone went silent, until he spoke up again, "We could leave it with someone?" Seto spoke up, "So, basically sacrifice someone's life?" "There isn't really any other choice." Sky mumbled. "That's not right! We can't do that!" Ty yelled. "We have to, Ty. That's our best chance at living." Sky said. "No, we're talking about someone's life!" Sky shook his head, "Fine, we'll take a vote. Raise your hand if you think he should choose someone to die." Sky raised his hand. Husky. Ian. Jerome. "N-no, Mitch?" Ty turned to him. Mitch looked down, raising his hand. "J-Jason." He raised his hand. Ty went silent. "It's our only chance." Sky repeated. Ty closed his eyes, a tear slid down his cheek, and, he raised his hand. Everything disappeared and I was back in my house. I looked at Sky and Ty, tears steaming out of my eyes. (MUSIC IS NOT HELPING THE WHOLE SCENE! The feels ;-;) "They all voted on you." MirrorLox whispered. "I-Is this-s tr-true?" I asked Ty. He looked down and whispered, "Yes." More tears fell. "I-I'm sorry, Y/n." Sky mumbled. "You all wanted me to die! What did I do to you!?" I screamed at them, anger burning in my eyes. MirrorLox leaned against the wall, and a bowl of popcorn appeared in front of him, he laughed and ate it, watching everything go down. "Y-Y/n, we did it for the greater good of other lives." "The..The greater good!? What greater good comes from me dying!? You couldn't have done ANYTHING ELSE!?" I screamed louder, "And to him!? Who knows what he'll do!" I threw my hands in MirrorLox's direction. (*Rips hands of and throws them* TAKE THAT!) They both went silent. "Why?" I whispered, looking at the ground, "Is it because I have no family, because I have nothing to live for?" My family died when I was eight, I had to live in an orphanage until I was 18. They couldn't even locate any of my relatives. The only friends I had turned out to want me dead. "Maybe that's why." I whispered to myself. "Yup!" MirrorLox started clapping, "You finally figured it out! Well done!" The popcorn was gone, and he stood in front of Sky, "That is EXACTLY why you did that! And you made her cry! This is just amazing! Huh, and I thought I was evil! But this! HAHA! This is so cruel!" Sky snarled and pulled something out of his pocket, it was a gun. He held it out at him, "Just leave, or I shoot." MirrorLox went silent, before laughing loudly, "Oh my god! You are SO STUPID!! HAHAHA That can't help you! I thought you realized that the first time! Yeh know! When you shot Ty?! HAHAHA! Oh, that day, was a good day!" Sky threw the gun down, grumbling. I smiled a slightest bit, even though this was horrible, this was funny. Ty touched his side slightly, flinching, was he remembering what happened? "Yes he is." MirrorLox said with a smile, "Anyways! Did you guys know that Y/n trusted you with her life!? That you guys were the ONLY ONES KEEPING HER ALIVE!??!" He was smiling and laughing. Ty looked down, Sky looked at me. Causing me too look down. "Is he telling the truth, Y/n?" He asked. I nodded. "Oh! The guilt is real!" MirroLox yelled. 'I stopped cutting because of them.' I thought, forgetting that he could read minds. MirrorLox cackled, "OH! You shouldn't have stopped! It would have been a better death then from me!" Ty looked up, knowing what he was talking about. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run. But I didn't. "Y/n, I'm sorry, it was my fault this happened, if anyone dies, it should be me." Sky said, stepping forwards. I felt horrible for saying this. But. I hoped he would die. "Oh! She-" I cut MirrorLox off, "SHUT UP YOU STUPID PORCELAIN DOLL!" He seemed surprised by my outburst, and he staid quiet. I continued, "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPID MOUTH!" I picked up a soft ball I happened to leave on the counter. I used to  play, and I was good. I growled and threw it at him, hitting him right in the jaw. There was a loud 'CRACK' and his jaw smashed to the floor. His eye widened and he covered his mouth, holding his tongue up. "Huw upeh behuh!" I smiled, "That's batter." (PUNPUNPUN IS PUNNY TOPPED WITH EXTRA PUN CONTAINING PUN EXTRACT MADE OF PUNS!!!!) "And as for you two!" I turned back to Sky and Ty, who both stared at me with wide eyes. i picked back up my ball as it rolled back to me, hitting my foot. I held it up and threw it, missing them, hitting the wall behind Sky. "HAH! You missed! AH!" It bounced of the wall and hit him in the head, he smashed to the ground, "I deserved that." I grabbed my ball and held it up. Ty yelped and slowly got on the ground. I rolled my eyes. I looked back at MirrorLox. He was looking at the small glass shards that used to be his jaw. He made a gurgled wailing sound, "amet!" I giggled, "Guess you can't speak now!" " MirrorLox grabbed a pen, and writing on a piece of paper. He wrote with one hand, and held his mouth with the other. And he held it up,  'Bitch!' I smiled in return, "Does this mean you can never speak again??" He rolled his eyes and wrote again, 'I have to go back to the fucking Mirror Relm." I smiled, "Yay!" 'Fuke you.' I laughed, "You spelled fuck wrong." He looked back at it and crossed it out, writing it the correct way beside it. He growled...well...gurgled, and walked away, writing, 'I'll be back.' I followed him, he walked into my room and up to a standing mirror. He turned around and glared at me. He flipped me off and stepped threw it. Once I knew he was gone, I walked back to the kitchen. Sky and Ty were gone. I looked out the window to see a car speeding away. I frowned, "Why would you do this?" I sighed and sat on my couch, sadness flooding into my body. I hugged a pillow and cried into it. I screamed into it and cried more, eventually crying myself to sleep. I woke up on my bed, I looked around my room. Wait. This isn't my bed. "What the hell?" I whispered. "I figured it would be easier to take you when you were asleep." I spun around to see MirrorLox, with his jaw. Suddenly, black was all around me, literally, I could see, I was just, No where!  I gasped and tried to run, "Nice try!" I couldn't move anymore, I was frozen in my place. He walked around me, "I can see right into you." He stood in front of me, staring into my eyes. "I can see your memories, your...fears." My eyes widened. "Hm. (Insert your worst fear)! That's a good one!" He snapped. (Insert your worst fear scene here!) I screamed louder as it got worse. (End of your worst fear scene!) I fell to my knees, tears streaming down my face. He laughed, "Now what? I know!" He snapped his fingers and I was tied to a chair, A bowl of glass floated next to me. MirrorLox appeared beside me, "I'll make sure it hurts a lot." I didn't like the sound of that. He grabbed a small piece of glass and grabbed my arm, which magically untied. He chuckled,"Hm. What should I do? Oh, I know!" I yelped as he shoved it into my arm, it broke the skin, and he pressed his thumb on it, pushing it down. I grit my teeth together and tried to not scream. He repeated the process until I had nine pieces in my arm. He smirked and grabbed a large piece of glass. I silently screamed as he started writing in my skin. Blood poured out of my arm. He laughed. MINE, in all caps, was written in my arm. I had no time to question it as he stabbed the glass into my eye. This time, I screamed. I screamed loudly. He cackled and made it go deeper, he roughly ripped it out, along with my eye. Blood poured from it. I cried, tears streamed down my face. He laughed quietly, "As much as I love your screams, they must simply...STOP!" He grabbed my tongue, pulling it out and jerking the knife towards it. He cut it off, Throwing it to the ground. I cried out in pain, my whole body shook. I coughed and choked on my blood. I weakly looked at him, I wanted to ask why he was ding this, but I knew I couldn't. "Why am I doing this?" Oh right, mind reader, forgot. "I'm doing this because, I enjoy others pain. I enjoy hearing them beg for me to stop, watching them cry, watching them die." I closed my eye and cried harder, looking down. He tilted my head up and I opened my eye. He smiled and talked with a sickly sweat tone, "At least all of your pain will be over soon, at least you wont hurt anymore. And don't worry, I'll make sure everyone else will die." I cred harder, 'P-please don't!' I cried out in my thoughts. He frowned, "Don't you want them to die?" I shook my head the best I could. "Aw, that's a shame. Hm." 'What will it take for you to not kill them?' "...." 'I'll do anything! P-please!' "You really care about them, even after what they did. *Sigh* I guess, I could let them live. However. You have to stay here, in the Mirror Relm." I nodded, confused. "No, I'm not going to kill you." Now I was really confused. I was going to die anyways, from all the blood lose. He snapped his fingers again, All of the pain disappeared, I had my eye, and I had my tongue, "Wh-what?" That's all I could say in my state of shock. I looked down at my arm, the glass was gone, but, the white scar of the MINE was still there. I looked up at him. He was a lot taller then me (Forgot to say that 3:), he was taller then everyone really. He smiled a bit, "You don't deserve to die." I was surprised, "I-I don't?" He shook his head, "No, I of course had to do something, that's why that all happened. Now, I know you definitely don't want anything to do with me, but of course you have to stay here. If you think of anything, it'll come here, try it out." I thought about something I REALLY wanted right now. A bowl of ice cream appeared next to me. I smiled and grabbed it. MirrorLox smiled, "Okay, that works." His smile dropped, "Now you know you can have that. So, I'll leave you alone now." "Wait-" He disappeared before I could stop him. "I...don't want to be alone." I whispered. I sat down, "P-please come b-back." I couldn't stand being alone. I cried silently, eating my ice cream. At least I have that. I looked around,  nothing. I didn't even want anything. Maybe I could think of someone? I started with a cat, just in case. a cat popped into existence, however. Cracks ran threw it, it was glass. and it wasn't alive. I tapped it lightly. It shattered and crumbled to the floor. I cried more, I was never completely alone. There was at least something! A bird, something alive. I sat a little longer, crying into my knees. I heard foot steps behind me. I looked up hopefully. "Why are you crying?" It was MirrorLox. "I..I-I didn't want to b-be a-alone." I said quietly. He frowned, "So, you want me to..stay?" I nodded. He smiled, "Okay. Are you tired?" I rolled my eyes, "Yes. I just had my eye and tongue cut out, I found out that my friends never cared about me, and now I'm stuck in some fucked up blank dimension, with a fucked up porcelain doll. Yes, I am tired." He stepped back, "Okay okay. Gosh. That was harsh." He snapped and we were back in the room I was in when I first time. I laid in the bed and muttered, "Now leave me alone." "This is my room, but okay, what ever!" He whispered and walked out, shutting the door.  When he was gone I started balling, I tried my best to stay quiet. The door creaked open. I cried harder, not caring if I was quiet or not. MirrorLox sat beside me and made me sit up, pulling me into his chest. I hugged him an cried into his chest. He was cold, and he literally felt like glass. "Hehe, that's because I am glass." oh. "Please stop crying."  "Wh-why? D-don't you l-like see-eing people c-cry?" I asked, looking at him. He looked down at me, frowning, "I don't like seeing you cry. It..makes me sad." He whispered the first part. He wiped the tears away. I smiled slightly. "There we go, that's better." He said, smiling back. I yawned sleepily. "You should really sleep..you've been threw enough." I nodded and laud back down, pulling the blankets over myself. He got up but I grabbed his hand, "Will you stay with me? Until I fall asleep?" He nodded and sat beside me. I smiled and hugged the pillow. I feel asleep, dreaming about happy things.

MirrorLox's pov

Once I was sure she was asleep, I got up. I walked out, shutting the door and I walked to my couch, sitting down. "Why do I feel like this?" I whispered. I felt sad and regret from hurting her. And anytime I was around her, I felt a strange feeling in my chest. But that was impossible, I'm hollow with a broken, cracked heart that doesn't beat. But. I put a hand to my chest.... Thump thump thump. My eyes widened, "M-my heart n-never b-beats!" I felt it again, it was beating! That's impossible though! My heart has been broken for years. I sighed and covered my eyes with my hands, I'm...I'm in love with her. "God Damn it!" I yelled. "A-are y-you okay?" I turned around angrily, my expression softened when I saw Y/n. "I'm fine. Just...I'm confused." She nodded and sat beside me. "What are you confused about?" She asked. Shit. What do I say!? "U-um...I-" "He's in love." My head snapped towards the sound. MirrorSky. Fuck. "What do you want?" I snarled. He wore cloths slimier to Sky's except in the grey  places, it was wight, and in the black/dark grey it was wight. Half of his head was gone, his left eye, his mouth was there, his head was covered in cracks that glowed Golden. One of his legs was also covered in cracks, some pieces falling out. His right eye was also missing, but he could still see somehow. "I'm just stopping bye to say hello to my buddy." He said. He looked at Y/n. "Oh, who's this? Another person you dragged here to kill?" "No!" I hissed. "Oo! Does that mean I get to kill her!?" He said, smiling like an idiot. Y/n was definitely terrified. I jumped up and stood in front of her, "NO! You will NOT touch her!" "Oh god you're in love!" MirrorSky said, stepping back. "I..I have no idea what y-you're talking about!"  He grinned, "Haha! You are! Oh my god! I can't believe it!" He turned away, laughing, "You have a heart!" I snarled, "Okay! I think you should leave!" I said pushing MirrorSky. "Aw! Do I at least get to know your girlfriends name??" He was grinning still. "Y/n. Now go!" He turned to her, "Bye, Y/n! Don't do the dirty!" "Fuck you!" I yelled. He laughed and disappeared.  I growled slightly and muttered, "Bitch." Y/n giggled slightly. I smiled and sat beside her. "Can he read minds too?" She asked. I responded slowly, "...Um..yeah.." She was thinking about what he said. Well. She was trying NOT to think about it. And failing. Badly. 'Noo, staaahhp!' She thought, 'Think about something else! Puppies!' She then thought about something dirty...making us both blush. She hid her face and stopped that thought, thinking about cats. We both sat there, awkwardly. I finally broke it, "So..um..I...I do..actually l-like...l-love you." I whispered, looking down. "I-I...really?" She asked. I nodded. "I..I lo..love you too." She looked down quickly, blushing as well. I smiled and looked up, "Are you being serious?" She nodded. She even thought about it.  I tilted her head up gently, we both starred at each other. Until I slowly leaned in. She froze. I hesitated slightly before softly kissing her. After a moment of shock, she kissed back. I smiled slightly and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her onto my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck. We stayed like that for a minute, before I pulled back and rested our foreheads together, smiling, "I love you (YEEEAAHH!! WATERMELONE!!!!!), Y/n." She smiled back, "I love you too, MirrorLox." I cried a little, black tears slipping out of my eyes. "Why are you crying?" Y/n asked. "N-no ones e-ever loved m-e." I said, hugging her. She hugged back. "Th-thank you." I whispered. "You're welcome." She said smiling. She feel asleep after a moment. I smiled and gently picked her up. She instantly snuggled into my chest. I walked to my room and laid her on the bed, laying beside her. She smiled in her sleep and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her. I smiled slightly and looked into her mind, looking at what she was dreaming about. Aw, she was dreaming about me. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes, I feel asleep with her, finally happy.

I finally finished. This is exactly 4035 words! Whoo! So, on my last update, a lot of you told me to take  a break, that I needed it. Thank you so much for saying that guys, I honestly do need one. So I'll be taking a break. I'll be back soon so don't worry. Thank you everyone! ANd I hoped you like this! It deleted over 3000 words!

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