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Y/n pov

 I smiled and watched some ducks play in the water. I pulled out some bread and fed them, "Aw! Your sooo cute!" My tail flicked from side to side happily. I let out a mew of surprise as someone tackled me. "HAI Y/N!" I instantly knew that voice, I smiled and hugged him back. He had a death grip on me, "Could you let me go? Your kinda crushing my tail." I said with a giggle. "Whoops." He said getting of my tail. I giggled again and got up. He suddenly looked worried and scarred. "H-hey Y/n?" He looked away. "Yes?" I tilted my head to the side. "C-can I sh-show you someth-thing?" Why is he so nervous? I nodded. "Promise you wont run away, or scream, or hate me, or-" I cut in, "I won't run, scream, and I will never hate you." I gave him a hug. "O-okay then." I let go of him and stepped back. He let out a breath and reached for his glasses. Will I see his eyes? He never takes his glasses off. He hesitated but took them off, his eyes were closed. He slowly opened them, revealing bright golden herobrine eyes. "We'er still friends right?" I smiled and hugged him, "Of course, but why didn't you tell me earlier?" "I was afraid you wouldn't like me and I didn't want to lose such an amazing friend." I smiled and kissed his cheek, he cutely blushed. "Your an amazing friend to."  

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