Agustus x Scared!reader -part one-

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Agustus is the Klub IcE version of Sky, for people who don't know. My good friend EnderWolf64MC asked requested this. Ender....I hope I do good :3 The first part is kind of based off of an rp
Btw Lileh is meh :3

Y/n pov

"I DON'T WANT TO GO!" I Screamed. "TO BAD!" Lily screamed back, dragging me into the 'Klub'. I'm honestly terrified of Klub Ice. Lily...not so much. I glared at the annoying dragon hybrid. She had long brown hair that covered one blue eye, her tail was a light blue with HUGE hot pink feathers on the tip, a light blue V neck and dark black jeans, black tennis shoes with dark blue jeans, and who could forget her diamond pickax necklace she always wore. She rolled her eyes, "Just..GO!" She shoved me threw the door. She came in and locked it behind her. "Since when does that have a lock!?" I said, throwing my hands up. "Zince Olga trried to leave." A voice said behind me. I gasped slightly and spun around, seeing who I think is Bruno, the guard or something. I stepped back slightly. He chuckled, "Who arre zou?~" In a flash he had a hold of my arm, holding me close. I of course felt uncomfortable. In the back ground I heard Lily stifle a laugh. I mentally slapped her. "You'rre cute.~" I blushed and wiggled out of his grip. "Um...I'm gonna...find...someone! Bai!" I said and took of down the hall. I heard Lily say something....along  the lines of 'Get dat booty!!' ....Ima kill dat bitch. I turned a sharp corner an slammed into someone. I yelped and feel backwards. Someone caught me, their arm wrapped around my waist. I looked up, starring into golden eyes. "Chu Otay, Mizz?" I nodded slightly, blushing badly. I didn't know who this was, I only knew Bruno...well...I only knew his name. He had brown hair tied back in a short pony tail. He had  the same wight and pink out fit as everyone else, and a pare of expensive looking glasses rested on the bridge of his nose, and a golden amulet with an Amethyst (Fun fact: An Amethyst is my birth stone :3) in the center. He was..kinda cute. "Y/N!!!!!!" Lily suddenly screamed. I yelped slightly and kinda jumped forwards......right into his chest. I blushed darker. "Ooo!!!~" Lily sang. The man let go of me. "Oh zhut ep!" He hissed. Lily instantly burst out laughing. Bruno suddenly appeared beside her, "Come on! Zhe parrty'z ztarting!~" He started walking somewhere. The man and Lily followed, she dragged me there by her tail. "I hate parties! I hate this place! Let me go! I hate you!" I kept yelling and insulting her. We finally arrived into a large room filled with people. A guy with headphones, another with yellow hair that stood up, one with dreadlocks.... one wearing a hello kitty suit looking uncomfortable...what the heck? Lily sat down at a both looking thing, I sat beside her, the man from before went and talked to the guy with headphones. Bruno ran to get something, coming back with two drinks in a wine glass thing. It was a bright pinkish purple and bubbley. He sat one in front of Lily and one in front of me. I eyed it suspiciously. "Drrink et! Itz good!" He said, sitting on the other side. Lily shrugged and drank a bit,  with him that it was good. I kinda stayed silent as they talked. I didn't drink it...something was off. Lily looked at me....wait...her eyes....they had a pink tint to them, "You alright?" I nodded. Her voice seemed a little different. I got up, "um...I-I have to use the b-bathroom." I lied. Bruno nodded and told me where it was. I thanked his and ran off. I went the complete opposite way. I was getting out of here, I headed towards the door. As soon as I saw it, I broke into a run. I yelped as I was suddenly jerked back and spun around. I was instantly face to face with Bruno, his helmet off...his eyes were the same pink color as the drink. He smirked, "Vere do you think you'rre going?~" I was to scared to talk...maybe it was the fact that he had a sharp sword against my neck. "I vink zhe waz trying to ezcape!" I looked at who said it...Lily...Her eyes were the same color pink..her voice different. What the hell was in that drink!? Fear raised in my chest. "No vone ever ezcapez Klub Ice!" He was suddenly thrown to the ground. "VUN!"  the same man from before yelled. I did as he said and sprinted down the hall. Someone suddenly tried grabbing me, the one with yellow hair. I screamed and ducked under a swinging knife, He growled, his eyes the same color. I continued running. I ran into the party thing, thinking I could hide there. ....It....was....chaos. Everyone was fighting, some people laid dead on the ground. Others were being forced to drink the weird drink, their eyes would turn pink and they would attack the closest person with normal eyes. There was around ten or nine people there. I screamed I was grabbed, "You have been a vad girrl.~" I looked over my shoulder at Bruno. I was terrified. I screamed and fought to get away as I was dragged into a room and thrown on a bed. I tried getting off, instantly getting pinned. He leaned in close and whispered, "You have to ve punized.~" I whimpered as I was forcefully kissed. I tried moving away, stopping when he growled and pressed a knife against me neck. He shoved his tongue in my mouth. I roughly bit it and shoved him off. He fell of the bed and landed with a loud thump. I jumped of the bed, narrowly dodging a knife to the face. And ran to the door, slamming it open and running. I heard his foot steps running after me. I ran faster, I kept taking random twists and turns. And finally. I lost him. I stopped, panting. I heard a drak chuckle. I spun around and saw the guy with the amulet from before. ...His eyes were no longer golden...they were pink. He pulled out a knife...stained with blood. I stepped back. He grinned evilly, "Vhy, vwat do ve have herre?~" At this point I was visibly shaking. ....This is why I'm terrified of Klub Ice. I knew help wouldn't be any good. I backed up again, tensing as I hit a wall. His grin only grew bigger as he pinning he o the wall, the knife pressed hard against my neck. I whimpered, tearing up. "Aww, don't crry et'll ve overr zoon." I screamed as a sharp pain suddenly cam from my shoulder, the teras pouring out. He laughed insanely and drove the knife deeper in my shoulder. I screamed louder, crying harder. He suddenly twisted it, making me scream in pure agony. He ripped it out, blood gushing out of the wound. Staining my shirt...dripping onto the floor. Everything suddenly began to get dark, the pain to much. His eyes suddenly became golden again and widened, dropping the knife. Everything was swallowed by darkness and I collapsed. 

I woke up in a bed. I instantly sat up, yelping as pain flowed to my shoulder. I was gently pushed back down. I looked at who did it and opened my mouth to scream. The same guy who saved me. The same guy who stabbed me. He frowned, his glasses were off, and I could see his golden eyes, that calmed me down a little. "Iyz otay, everryting iz otay." He told me. I looked at my shoulder, seeing it was bandaged up. "....Wh-where's my sh-shirt!?" I yelled at him. At least I had my F/c sports bra on. "Z-Zorry...I-I had to teke et off." He said quietly, "And et waz coverrd in vlood...zo..Yeah.." He unbuttoned his top and took it off, handing it to me. I sheepishly thanked him and took it. He had no shirt underneath it...reveling a six pack. I had to look down in order to not stare and hide my blush. I put it on, it was pretty big on me. He sat beside me. "I-I'm rreally zorry about d-dat..." He said quietly. "I-it was the d-drink wasn't it?" I asked him. He nodded slightly. "A-are we s-safe? Wh-where are we?" A asked, scared again. He smiled slightly, "I vanaged to get out. Zomehow. Ve'rre at my houze." I asked another question, "Wh-what's your name?" "Augustus, vy name'z  Augustus. Vwhat's yourz?" "Y/n." I said and sat up again, a little slower then before and I hugged him, "th-thank you, Augustus." I could have swore I saw him blush a little. He nodded slightly, "O-ov courrze, Y/n." He was warm...I only noticed just now that I was freezing. "You'rre zhaking." He mumbled. "I-I'm cold..." He laid me down, and laid beside me, throwing the blankets over us and holding me against his chest. I blushed heavily, "Wh-what are y-you do-doing?" He smiled and held me closer, "Keeping you varm." I hesitantly snuggled into his chest, thankful for the warmth. I closed my eyes and slowly feel asleep. was almost unnoticeable, but, he kissed my head. I smiled and drifted to sleep.

I woke up to someone gently shaking me. I opened my eyes and looked up at Augustus. I sat up with a yawn. I rubbed my eyes slightly. He smiled, "I vade you zome food." I smiled and took the plate from him. "Thanks." He nodded and sat beside me. I ate it all, and sat the now empty plate beside me. He sat beside me, "Y/n?" He asked. "Yes?" I replied. " vlike y-you...a lot.." I blushed a little, "R-really?" He nodded and rubbed the back of his neck. I smiled, "I-I like you too." He smiled slightly, and next thing I knew, his lips were against mine. I blushed darker and kissed back, putting my arms around his neck, his around my waist. He gently pushed me down, not breaking the kiss, and crawled on top of me. His tongue swiped across my bottom lip, in which I gladly opened my mouth. He slipped his tongue in and explored, making me moan quietly.

Next part has le smut -3-

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