enderlox x insane!reader

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(y/n) pov

I smiled and watched the girl fall to the ground. "one by one we all fall down" I said giggling. I pulled my knife from her eye. I wiped it on her already bloody shirt and smiled wider. I took one more look at my master piece and skipped away. I sighed and walked down a dark ally (yaa allays) to wait fore my next victim. i waited at the darkest corner. A boy walked in here 'perfect' i thought pulling out my knife. i hid behind a trash can. I heard his foot steps get louder then stop. I jumped out and held up my knife. He disappeared? "what the?" I lowered my knife. "AAH." i yelped when i was pulled back and dropped on my back. He put a foot on my back. I looked up and saw the boy smiling. He out a foot on my stomach and held me there. wait, is it the same boy? 'it is him.' He had glowing purple eyes. A long black tail whipped back and forth behind him. Black and purple wings were spread out on his back."looking for someone." He asked with a grin, he had fangs. (FAMPERA) I growled and looked for my knife. it was just out of my reach. I growled again and grabbed his ankle. "wha-AH" I twisted it off of me and grabbed my knife. I jumped up and got into a fighting stance. He regained his balance. "oh you wanna play like that huh?" he un sheathed his claws and got into a fighting stance as well. I smirked and lunged at him. He dodged and slashed my shoulder. I gasped and turned around. He smirked and held up his bloody claw. I narrowed my eyes and waited. He jumped at me. His claws almost slashed my throat, but i stabbed him in the shoulder. I smirked and held up my bloody knife. "you little" he growled and jumped at me. He smirked and swept his tail under me. I gasped and fell. he grabbed my arm, smirking showing his fangs. He pulled me up. Into his lips. My eyes widened. I kissed back. He pulled away. "I'm enderlox by the way." he let go and flew into the air, "see ya later, (y/n)." And he flew away.

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