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Y/n pov

I sat on a fallen over tree in the woods. A shiver ran down my spine...I had a feeling I was being watched. But..by what? I got up and looked around, dread slowly filled my body. Something's wrong with these woods. I don't know what...it's just...bad...a bad feeling. I heard a twig snap...and immediately, I broke into a run. I heard someone running after me. I ran faster, hearing whoever it was speed up. I knew the distance was dropping fast, and I didn't dare look over my shoulder. It would only slow me down. I was slammed to the ground. I yelped and struggled. I was on my stomach, my attacker on top of me, hovering over me would be a better way to put it. The person growled, by the sound his its voice, I think it was male. "What are you doing here?" He growled lowly. "I-I..I-'m u-um...l-lost!" I wasn't lying... He got up, grabbed the back of my shirt, and slammed me against a tree, me facing him. He had brown hair that covered his right eye, his other eye was a bright green, he had headphones, the centers were green and looked shattered. He wore a white V neck with black trimmings, light grey pants, and black shows with bright purple laces. He snarled, "Why were you in the woods in the first place?" I stuttered out a response quickly, "I-I was just t-taking a w-walk." He smirked, "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to  go into these woods?" I shook my head. He chuckled darkly, "You shouldn't have came here." I felt something sharp against my neck. He held a large shard of blood covered glass. He tilted his head to the right, the hair covering his other eye fell out of place. His other eye...looked like glass...the whole thing was shattered, he had no pupil or iris...just..the white part, green glowed from the cracks. He snickered, "Well...time to end up like the rest of them!" He pressed the shard of glass harder on my neck. I yelped as I felt blood drip out. "N-No! Pl-please! S-stop!" I begged. "Why should I?" He asked with a smirk, pressing harder, tears began falling down my face at this point, "I-I'll do a-a-anyth-thing!" He stopped, his smirk widening into a horrific grin, "Anything?" I nodded quickly. He put the glass down, "Fine. You have to...be mine." I squeaked slightly, "Wh-what?" His grin grew, "Be mine...and no one elses..or..you could die." I looked down and slowly nodded. He put the knife shard in his pocket, "Good choice. What's your name?" "Y-Y/n." I answered. "I'm MirrorLox, you can just call me Ty though. Now....you look tired...why don't you sleep?" I was about to question him when Everything suddenly went black.
I woke up in a bed. I tried to sit up, yet someone held me down. I looked at what was holding me down. The man from before, Ty, had his arm around me, he was asleep. I smiled slightly. He was cute. I'll emit that. I blushed as I was suddenly pulled into his chest. He wrapped both arms around me and held me close. I hesitantly laid my head on his chest...maybe this wouldn't be so bad?

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