MirrorLox x Wolf!Mirror!reader

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Y/n pov

I was sitting on the couch, in the weird Mirror Realm. I was in the 'Mirror House' as it was named. The few 'Mirrors' that existed lived here. I honestly kinda like MirrorLox. But, he hated me. He always ignored me, and left the room if I entered. I never knew why. "Hey Y/n!" The mirrored image of Sky said, bounding in. "Hey Ske." I mumbled. 'Ske' was his nickname. Kinda. "You alright?" He asked, standing beside me. "Yep!" He gave me a look, a 'Spill-It' look. "No..." He sighed, "What's wrong?" I looked down and sat up, "Why does MirrorLox hate me?" His seemed to cringe a little, "He...uh...doesn't...hate you? I don't know how to say this.." He trailed off. "Ty," He used his real name, "He l-" "SKY!" A voice yelled. I yelped slightly and turned around, seeing a very angry MirrorLox in the doorway. "Hi Ty.." He mumbled. He hissed, his broken eye glowing in the cracks. "Uh..I was just telling Y/n, how you have something to tell her!" My ear twitched. (FORGOT THE WOOOOOLF) This can't end well...

Sky got up and walked over to him, pushing him towards me. "I'll just let you do it...BYE!" He summoned a mirror and jumped threw, leaving the realm. So...it was just me and MirrorLox. "Wh-why do you hate me?" I asked, my voice cracking. My tail tucked around my leg, my ears laying back. He seemed surprised by that, "Y-y/n...I don't hate you." "Then why do you act like it?" I felt horrible, like I did something wrong. He sat besides me, "I don't...what made you think that?" I looked down, "W-well. You al-always ignore me...and leave if I-I'm near you...so I just...thought you h-hated me.." He unexpectedly hugged me, "I don't hate you! Far from it!" I hesitantly hugged back, unused to this...at all. "Then why do you do that?" I asked. He sighed, "Because...I really...really like you. Love even! It's just...when I'm around you...I-I...I don't know...you make me feel...weird." I smiled, "Guess Mister Cold-Hearted has a heart after all." He smiled back, "I guess so." I buried my head in his chest, my ears perking up and tail wagging, "I love you too." He lifted my chin up slightly, and kissed my lips. I kissed back, almost instantly. In the middle of our kiss, a bright flash happened in the room. We instantly pulled away, wide eyed. "SCRAPBOOKATUNITY!" Sky yelled. "SKE NUUUUU!" I yelled back. "YOU'RE DEAD!" MirrorLox snarled and jumped up, chasing Sky, whom held a camera. "TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE!" He screamed and ran. I burst out laughed, watching them run.

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