Mirror Sky x reader

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I always feel sad when one of my 'great ideas' go down. Mirrored Image might never be a thing. I was hoping the whole Sage idea would be something I could expand on. But...people don't want OCs... Anyways, I'm always happy when people request OCs. So enjoy :)

Y/n pov (You personally know him for this)

I was getting a glass of water when suddenly, (Pineapples.) I dropped it on the counter. It landed, still standing up. But gravity hates me, so the water splashed up, all over my shirt. I cursed loudly, turning around and walking to my shared room. It actually belonged to a creature named Sky. Note on the 'creature'. He's...not human. I actually don't know what he is. He looks human enough. Except for the fact that his skin is like glass, covered in cracks that glow a slight gold color. And he has no eyes-but he could see perfectly fine somehow-. But I learned to live with the creepiness of it all. Sky was like a life sized porcelain doll, a creepy one. I lost my entire family to an unfortunate event with another creature like him. But not Sky himself. He was kind enough to take care of me. I walked threw the old house, opening a familiar door, shutting it behind me. Sky was gone, so I was completely alone. I dug threw the drawer, grabbing a random shirt and turning away from it. I took my shirt off, dropping it and unclasping my bra -it was wet as well-. Then...it happened. The door opened. This was how the scene looked: I was shirtless with nothing but my bra pressed to my breasts, and Sky was standing in the doorway, his mouth open. We were both blushing, my cheeks were darker though. I don't think he expected to see me shirtless. I definitely didn't expect what happened next. Sky walked in, shut the door. And locked it with a click.

Muhahaha, I'm so evil. Possible lemony part two anyone?

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