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Y/n pov

He walked around me. (Haha! Right to the point :3) I shifted a little uncomfortably. "Why are you here?" The thing growled. Speaking of it, he wore a ripped black suit, a red tie, and a white under shirt, then black shoes (Everyone forgets the shoes!!!). He was definitely NOT human. He was covered in brown fur, and his eyes were black with red irises, not to mention his two sharp teeth on his bottom jaw, and the fact that he had sharp black claws. The worst part was that he was covered in blood. "I-I was just t-taking a walk. A-and it started to r-rain and I f-found this house. I-I'm sorry, I th-thought it was abandoned." I said quietly. It was true, it started pouring so I came into this house. It was completely dark, except for the light from the moon that came from the windows, and the house looked like it was rotting and going to fall any moment. Why I thought it was a good idea to come in daring a bad thunder storm, I don't know. He dragged a sharp claw along my arm. I yelped and yanked it away from him. He stopped in front of me, "Well, it's obviously not abandoned." There was aloud bang from out side, which caused me to jump. He snickered, "Scared of a little thunder?" I shook my head, "N-no- *BANG* Ack!" He laughed, "I wonder what other stuff you're scared off...spiders?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a huge tarantula. I froze, staring at it with wide eyes. He grinned and grabbed my shoulder, not letting me move away. He put his other hand next to my other shoulder. I whimpered as the spider crawled onto me. I squeezed my eyes shut as it crawled onto my neck then on my cheek. I whimpered again. "She likes you." The blood covered thing said with a chuckle. I clenched my teeth together, trying not to make a sound. I felt the spider being lifted away from me. I opened one eye to see that he picked up the spider. I relaxed a little and opened my eyes fully. "So, what's your name?" He asked, letting go of me. "U-uh..Y-y/n." I said quietly, looking down. "Ah, shy aren't 'cha? I'm Jerome." Jerome said. I was shy, my friends, I didn't have that many because I was anti-social, called me the shyest person in the cosmos...they're weird. I nodded a little, it was okay to be truthful right? He turned around and sat on a couch. "Come sit with me, you probably don't want to stand." I hesitantly sat next to him, as far away as I could. At least he was acting nicer. "So, why were you walking in the woods at the middle of the night? Just taking a stroll or something else?" He asked. "Um, I-I was just waling, I guess to get away from life." I said, again, I was quiet. He nodded, "Okay. Why did you think it was safe to come in here? Yeh know, with it looking like it could collapse any second?" "I just wanted to escape the rain, and this was the driest place I could see." We both were quiet after that. "So, um, if you don't mind me a-asking. Why are you covered in blood?" I asked, quieter then normal. Maybe I was afraid he would get mad if I asked or something. "Oh, I killed someone." He said like it wasn't a big deal. I winced a little, feeling a little frightened. "Hey, It's what I do. Don't worry though, I wouldn't dream of hurting you." He said with a smile, that made me feel a little better. "A-and why's that?" I asked, I don't know why I asked that. "Because, Hm, I think you're cute." I blushed and looked down, "R-really?" Curse this stutter! "Yeah, I like you, Y/n." I blushed even more. "I-I think I l-like you to, J-Jerome." His smile widened, "Good, then I can do this!" I had no time to react as he pinned me to the couch and kissed me. I shyly kissed back. He grinned into the kiss. He pulled away and got off of me. I opened my mouth to say something but it turned into a yelp as another clash of thunder sounded from outside. Jerome smiled and pulled me close to him, "Don't worry, I'll protect you from the thunder." I smiled and snuggled against his chest, the whole world seemed to be blocked out as I stayed like that.

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