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THERE ARE SO MANY REQUEST!!!!!!!! AAAHHAHHH PLZ! CALM THE FUCK DOWN! PLZ! I'M BEGGING YOU GUYS!!!!  And for this...I'm using Intoxicated Seto :3

Normal Seto's pov

I sighed and walked a little more...I was lost. (ALWAAAYSS LOST IN LE WOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!) I made a small purple flame in my hand, the whole reason I was lost, was because I couldn't see. And you might be like, TELEPORT! (SETO! STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!!!) I can't..there some kind of magic resistance put on this forest, only certain spells, like my flame one, are able to work. "This is stupid." I mumbled, looking around. I sighed again and kept walking, "Stupid...magic thing...put on this stupid forest..along with the stupid dark. Now I'm stupidly lost in the stupid woods...All alone." I heard a branch brake and another presence. "Oh god I'm not alone." I spun around, looking for the presence. The first thing I saw was glowing pure green eyes. The second thing I saw was a huge green fire ball shooting towards me. I yelped and attempted to run. It was too late though. I screamed as it hit me, exploding, throwing me against a tree. I gasped and hit the floor, my body went limp in my dazed state. I coughed and got up quickly, looking around. Whoever attacked me was gone. Those couldn't be him..right? I saw a flash of green to my left, making me spin around. I starred at that spot for a while, dread creeping into my veins. I almost screamed as a arm wrapped around my waist. "What's my counterpart doing lost in the forest..all alone?~" I looked over my shoulder and saw someone I thought I'd never see again. Intoxicated Seto. (I'M NOT DESCRIBING WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE U ALREADY KNOW AND IF NOT LOOK IT UP!) Uh oh. He smirked, "Hm?" I didn't say anything. I scared. "Aw..Is the poor SetoSorcerer Scared?" He spat. He smiled evilly and opened his mouth slightly. His long tongue slipped out. I gasped as it slid across my face. Blushing badly, I tried to pry his arm off of me. He chuckled, "Not gonna work, Set!~" God I hate that nick name. I blushed more as he moved to my neck, practically wrapping the whole thing around. I bit my lip and looked away, saying nothing. He finally stopped, "You know..Seto. I've been watching you...every time you come in here..That uneasy feeling of paronioa..was me." I was kinda freaked out by that, "And you not being able to most magic in here, that was me, of course. And you want to know something else?"  I honestly didn't, "Wh-what?" He smirked and pinned me too a wall, "This.~" My eyes widened as he..kissed me. After a moment...I kissed back. I'd be lying if I denied I didn't feel something for him. He smirked a little and his grip on me softened. He pulled away, "I didn't think you would kiss back." "I didn't think you would kiss me." I retaliated. He chuckled, "True." I smiled slightly, "Why did you kiss me?" He smiled too, "Because I like you, Seto." "I like you too, Toxic." He smiled wider, "Does that mean I can kiss you again??" I giggled, "Yes, Toxic, you can kiss me again." And he did...And I kissed back.

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