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Demon!Insane BajanCanadian x Hunter!Fighter!Reader

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Y/n pov

It was my job to hunt down and destroy demons. And I planned to do my job. I was on the trail of a certain....particular one. And that trail lead right to a popular 'game'. The Hunger Games. It was complicated on how it worked. You couldn't exactly....die. You would 'respawn' in a way. Though, playing with life and death had a price, if you were the very last person, you...would actually die. Anyways, I made my way threw the lobby, walking to the front desk with pure confidence. "Hello, welcome to the Games." The lady said with a big happy smile. It made me want to vomit. "Hi," I said with a forced small smile, "I want to sign up for the Games, please." She  grabbed a piece of paper. "Okay," She said, "Now, you do know there's a possibility you can d-" She stopped herself just as I signed my name. "When do they start?" A flash of bewilderment passed threw her face, before she, stuttering, replied, "S-Seven minutes. You can sit over there..." She pointed to a few chairs. I strolled over, sitting down. A shiny plaque hung on the wall.

                                                                 =26 WINS AND COUNTING=
                                                                       =Bajan M. Canadian=

Yep, that was the guy. I smiled slightly, he was most likely going to make it Twenty-Seven. All of a sudden, a guy walked in. He had brown hair and brown eyes, and his skin was slightly pale. He wore a black and red short sleeved jacket, a beige long sleeved shirt underneath. Than normal jeans and red shoes. A group followed. Star struck girls, -And boy-  practically drooled. He had his arms around two of them, like a classic 'Bad boy get s all the girls' scene in a movie. I smirked slightly, yeah, he was definitely bad. His eyes landed on mine, and he smirked. He shook off the two girls, walking over. "Haven't seen you here before." He said, his voice as smooth as silk. I gave a fake smile, acting like I was innocent, "Yeah, I'm new here." He held out his hand, "Well, nice to meet you! My name's Mitch!" I shook his hand, t felt cold and lifeless, "Nice to meet you as well!" "ATTENTION! FIVE MINUTES TILL THE GAMES START!" An announcer yelled over a microphone. He chuckled, "Seems we should get going." He flashed a malice grin, "Good luck, you'll need it." I grinned back, "Oh, don't worry, I don't need it." His grin faltered slightly, before regaining its strength, and he turned, walking threw double doors. I stood up around a minute later, following with a  grin. I shoved my hand into my pocket, gliding it over my knife. It was....special. Made to kill a demon. It was easy to sneak it in, casually walking threw the doors.

Everyone was in the circle, the countdown blasting in the air. I stood boredly, examining the area. Mitch was seventeen people away, I simply had to follow him, and not die of course. I was a skilled fighter though. Then again...so was he. 
Everyone ran to the center, I stood there, un-moving. Blood was already spilling. I eyed were Mitch ran, seconds later, I spun on my heels, walking the other direction.
Four hours passed. Three people remained. Me, Mitch, and some other girl. I casually walked threw an abandoned village, eyeing the bright colored houses. A canon went off, fireworks blasting from not so far away.
The world shifted as I teleported back to the center. Now, I stood, face to face with Mitch. He grinned, "Wow! I didn't think a noob could make it this far! Well...." He pulled out an iron ax, "Time to die!" He leaped at me, ax swung high. However, just as he stopped in front of me, he paused, eyes widening. Blood splattered to the ground. I ripped the knife from his stomach, more blood pouring out. It was a sick black color. He backed up, coughing. A weak grin made its way onto his face, "I-I knew you were....d-different.....And you know...I-I am too..." I smiled, "Haha, yeah. By the way, you can stop the whole...act...and really fight me." He straitened himself, all  the early looks of pain stopping. The blood stopped, and he grinned widely. Everything changed. His skin turned even paler, his eyes darkening to a deep red, the whites turning black. His hair turned a slightly darker shade. His teeth pointed, smiling wider. Black, fading to a deep red, horns curled around his head, and a matching tail whipped out from behind him, a large spike on the end. He laughed loudly, his voice dripping with insanity. Fire suddenly erupted behind him, around him, around us. He starred into my eyes, and suddenly, my knife disappeared. It was the only weapon I had. I hesitated, my eyes widening. He smirked, cocking his head, "Didn't expect that..did you?" His voice was slightly shaky, as if he was containing anger. "Not so confident now? Huh, I was kinda hoping you'd have a few more tricks....this is kinda lame. Oh well!" He held out his hand, he had sharp, curved claws, "At least I still get to gut you!" I backed up, closer to the flames. They roared, inching closer. And closer. And closer. I moved away from them quickly, my skin heating up. He laughed, now less than a foot away, he suddenly slung an arm around my waist, forcing me closer. He smirked, so close our  lips were almost brushing. "So...different..." He murmured. And suddenly....everything changed. The fire disappeared, and Mitch looked normal again, brown eyes starring into mine. Before I knew what was happening.....he was kissing me. And I.....kissed back.

Requested by YoloGamerxD

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