Bully!Seto x Bullied!reader

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Y/n pov

I yelped as I was slammed against a locker. I looked up into the brown eyes of Seto. Seto was a horrible bully, who hated me; and I never knew why. The worst part of this was that....I loved him. I whimpered and flinched as he drew his arm back. I cried out in pain, he punched me square in the eye. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and dragged me up, I could already feel the tears. "Aw, is the little freak gonna cry?" He teased. I looked down as the tears started falling. He laughed, "Guess I was right!" He punched me hard in the stomach, making me double over and cough. He threw me onto the floor and repeatedly kicked me. I curled into a ball and covered my head, trying to protect at least a little bit of me. He left after a while and I laid there. The bell rung, signaling it was time to go home. I slowly stood up and left, leaving my stuff in my locker. (I never take my stuff home XD Only my laptop :3 I luv summer) I limped out of school, being shoved a few times. I finally made it out and headed to the woods. It was a shortcut to my house....also I liked the woods, it was like my gettaway from real life. I found it almost soothing, if that is even possible. Once I got to the woods, I walked until I reached a clearing, a small stone bench sat at the center, cracks and vines ran threw it, and moss grew on the bottom of the legs (If that doesn't make sense...idc...I do, it's just, I don't.). I sat down and closed my eyes, my H/l hair slightly blown back by the wind. I heard foot steps behind me and opened my eyes, looking over my shoulder. Instantly I regretted coming in the forest; it was Seto. I stood up quickly, backing away slightly. He glared at me. "Why do you hate me so much!?" I demanded, "What did I do to you!?" My eyes widened at what I just said, "I-I m-mean.." "I do that stuff because...because I know you'll never love me." He said quietly. "W-what?" Was all I could say. "I...I love you, Y/n." He whispered. "Then...why do you do all of that?" I asked. "People do crazy things when they can't get their love." I was taken aback by all of this; he loved me. "S-Seto...I....Honestly l-love you too." I looked down while I said it. He walked up to me and he reached to touch my shoulder -or something-, I flinched on instinct, thinking he would hurt me again. He hesitated for a second then he pulled me into a hug. Tears fell from his eyes and he whispered 'I'm Sorry' over and over. By now, I was in tears. "I-it's fine, S-Seto. P-please never hurt m-me again." I asked, barely above a whisper. After we both stopped crying, Seto looked at me, still holding me, "I-I'll never hurt you again, I promise. And I won't let Anyone hurt you." I smiled, "Th-thank you." He smiled back, "I love you, Y/n." "I love you to, Seto." He slowly leaned down, and pressed our lips together in a gentle kiss. I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck. He did the same, except around my waist. "Well That escalated quickly!" He both pulled away and looked to the left. Lily, my best friend (*0* Meh is here!), stood there, snapping a picture.


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