Hello x Blind!reader

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Y/n pov

"N-no! I-I don't want to st-stay here!" I screamed at my friends. They laughed, dragging me to an old abandoned mansion. "Just one night!" "You'll be fine!" "Just son't make the evil ghost mad!" a ghost, as they said, lived here, killing innocent people every night. I heard about the stories from people who survived. My friends laughed loudly, and I heard a door open. I fought harder, desperate to get away. They threw me down, I hit the ground, landing on my knees. They slammed the door shut with a 'Have fun!', I scrambled up, clawing to open the door. Once I finally found the handle, I tried opening it, but.....it was locked. A feeling of dread crept into my veins. Those stories, they had proof of everything that happened. Multiple witnesses, who died just hours later by 'natural causes'. Did I believe that? Yes. Did my 'friends'? Nope. Could I even call them friends? They did things like this all the time, taking advantage of my blindness. But never something like this. Where I could actually die. Maybe I'm just an idiot, believing a viral internet hoax. The sound of multiple doors opening made the thought melt away. I froze, terrified. Every door slammed shut, one at a time. I yelped, almost screamed. "If th-this is a joke, stop! Pl-please.." I whispered the last part. Slow, steady foot steps sounded towards me. I shook as they stopped in front of me. I pressed my self against the wall, whoever it was stopped in front of me. Close enough that I could feel their breath on my neck. "This is no joke, sweety." My eyes widened -really wished I could see right now-, and I tried running. Instantly, I was slammed back against the wall, the 'ghost' giggled insanely, moving even closer. I shook in his hold, not daring to struggle. I was too terrified. Horrified. "Why are you here?" He breathed against my neck. I shuddered, "I...I-I...I was f-forced." He smirked against my neck -now touching it which made me even more terrified-, "That explained the little show you put on." I gasped suddenly, "D-did you just bite me!?" He chuckled, not answering my question, instead, asking, "What's your name?" Hesitantly, and quietly, I said, "Y-Y/n." The thing -I'm not sure if he's even human!- smiled, still against my neck, "Suits you well. You can call me Hello."  I decided not to ask about his unusual name, I probably would if he hadn't started nibbling on my neck. Blushing darkly, I pushed on his chest slightly, stuttering to form words. He laughed, "Fine, I'll stop, for now anyways." He let me go, well, stopped pinning me. He grabbed my hand -I blushed more of course- and dragged me threw the house thing. Hello made me sit on a cough, sitting beside me. "No need to be scared anymore. If I wanted to hurt you, you'd be dead by now." I  calmed down, however remained on edge slightly. "You can't see a thing, can you?" He asked quietly, examining my eyes. I shifted slightly, shaking my head. I could practically feel his smirk. "U-um...a-are you actually some kind of evil ghost that kills p-people?" He chuckled, "No, I'm not a ghost, I'm a demon. and yes, I do murder innocent people." I shuddered at that. "As I said before, I wont hurt you." He smiled, stroking my cheek. I blushed once again, the red hue seeming to never leave. "What do y-you look like?" I asked after a second. "Well, I have red eyes and black hair that reaches my waist-" I couldn't help but say, "You sound like a girl." Hello instantly went silent, "I...am...NOT a girl." I giggled, "Okay okay! You're not a girl!" At least I'm not scared anymore. He laughed as well. "Um...awkward question...c-can I...feel your face? Just to get a better visual of what you look like?" He gently brought my hand to his cheek. I felt around, brushing past his lips. When I was done, I slapped him, "That's for biting me!"

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