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(y/n) pov

I hugged my books closer to my chest and walked threw the gates of Hybrid high(M SORRY IZ GITZ NU IDEAZ) In other words a school for hybrids. I'm an enderman hybrid. I'm tall, shy, look at me i'll tear your face off, have purple eyes, and dark (purple/black) hair. I wasn't freakishly tall, just above average. I walked in the building, I passed many hybrids, cats, wolves, even a snake. But one caught my eye. He was an ender dragon hybrid, He had the same purple eyes as me, a black tail and wings. He wore a wight v-neck, grey pants and black shoes with purple laces. He noticed me and winked, I blushed and looked away. Normally I would go all ender on his arse  but I for some reason didn't. The bell rung and I walked in the class room. "Ah, (y/n) I presume?" I glanced at the teacher and nodded. She wasn't looking strait at me, thank goodness. "You'll be sitting next to Enderlox. Enderlox, raise your hand." I looked and the dragon boy from before raised his hand. I looked at the floor and walked to my seat. It was in the back row. I took out my note book and began doodling. "What 'cha drawing." Enderlox asked looking at my paper. "An ender lily." I said quietly. When I lived in the End I would walk around and pick them. They are my favorite. "It' beautiful, Whats your name, Endie?" I snarled at 'Endie', "Enderlox stop messing with (y/n). I'm not helping when she bites your head off." The teacher warned but he ignored her. "So, name?" I calmed down, "(y/n)." I said. "Hmm, I like Endie better." I ignored him and kept drawing. " hey Endie."  I replied calmly, "If you do not stop calling me Endie, I will tear out your vocal cords." He smirked, "Ok....Endie." Static filled the air and I turned to him. "(Y/N)!" The teacher yelled and I instantly stopped and went back to drawing.  He stared at me. I glanced at him and my drawing. I growled through clenched teeth, "Stop staring." He said nothing, I could still feel his stare. The bell rang and I gathered my things and walked out the room. I walked down the hall but I was suddenly pulled into a closet. "What the?" I looked around and saw Enderlox. "Why'd you pull me in here?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him. "So I could do this." He pulled me closer by my shirt and crashed his lips into mine. I was so shocked I didn't do anything. He pulled away and walked out but before he did he said smirking, "See ya later (y/n)." And he left. 

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