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Y/n pov

I frowned, "How hard is it to hack something!?" I muttered. I tried again, "YES!" I shouted with a smile. I hacked there data base, now my partner can get in. And by partner, I mean the one and only Mad Cry. I was on top of a, well it was like a military base, but it's ware they keep the weapons. I smiled again and unlocked the door, I looked at the security cameras and saw Cry coming in. He waved at the camera and I giggled. I closed my laptop and jumped in an air vent(Idk anymore) I opened my laptop and brung up the blueprints for the vents. After navigating though the vents I found an opening. I smiled and jumped down beside him, "Hey!" He greeted. "Hey." I said back with a smile. "Shall we kill the guards?" "We shall!" He handed me his spare knife and we snuck towards a skinny looking man and he was looking around. He shakily held a gun. I grinned and opened my laptop again, turning the power off. This would be easy. He yelped and held up a flash light, looking around wildly. I could tell he wasn't good with a gun. Cry nudged my shoulder and whispered, "You get him." I frowned, making me take out a wimpy one who can't even properly handle a gun. I sat my laptop down and crept along the wall. I picked up a small rock, why is there even a rock in here? And threw it, it landed with a loud crash. The guard gasped and whipped around, away from me. I smiled and crept up to him. I stood up and held my knife up. I smiled and plunged it into his neck. He screamed and pulled the trigger by accident, creating a loud 'BANG'. I pulled my knife out and Cry walked over to me. Two more guards showed up, "I got this." Cry said running at them. I ran back to my computer and checked the cameras. There were three more guards, not counting these two. I heard one scream and drop to the ground. The other one was trying to shoot Cry. He was shooting rapidly. I smiled as the shots stopped and a clicking was heard, "Out of bullets huh?" Cry said laughing. The guard screeched in pain and fell to the ground. I smiled and closed my laptop. I picked it up and walked to Cry, "How many more?" He asked. "Just three," I told him, "Then we can get the weapons." "Let's go kill them then!"


We stood in front of the metal door. I smiled and punched in the code, it opened reviling guns, knives, bombs, and more! We walked in and Cry immediately picked up a large knife. I grinned and picked up a butterfly knife. I tried it out and put it in my pocket. I grabbed a random backpack that was in here and grabbed different guns and knives, Cry did the same. "I vote we blow the place up." I said looking at the different bombs. "Ok sounds fun I guess." I grabbed one that used a device you could take with you and I set it up. "Ok when I hit the button everything explodes, lets go!" He walked out of the base and made sure to stay far away from the base. It was dark and we stood under a tree in a field. I smiled and held up the button, "Ready?" He nodded and I pushed the button. BOOM! It was honestly beautiful. I yelped as Cry grabbed me. His mask was off, reveling his red eyes. I blushed as he kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck and his were around my waist. He pulled back, "I love you." I smiled happily, "I love you to!" He smiled back and kissed me again.

I'm sorry my storys have been short so HERE'S A LONG ONE!
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