Headless SimonHDS90 x reader -Part two!-

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A lot of people wanted a part two, so here it is!

Y/n pov

"Woah..." Bodil mumbled. I just got done telling him everything. "You....can't go back.." He said, looking at me. I starred ahead at the dirt road. We had to leave his car behind, not wanting to stick around. "I have too. He'll kill you if I don't..." He stopped, "He could kill you!" I stopped too, turning to him, "Bodil. I can only hope he keeps his word. If he does, then at least you'll be alright!" "What if-" i cut him off, "Everything will be fine!" I left out the 'I hope' part. He looked down and kept walking. I followed, "It'll be alright. I promise." I changed the subject, "It's a beautiful sunrise." He hummed. I stopped, "I left my camera in the car!" "Lets go get it." He started to turn around. "No! It'll be fine. You go ahead, I'll catch up." He reluctantly agreed. I ran back to the car. I slowed down when I saw it, the door open. I slowly walked forward, seeing two things, something smashed on the ground, and a note taped to the door. I starred at the pieces, realizing it was my camera! I glanced at the note. It read in red: 'Can't have any evidence!'
A crudely drawn smiley face. It seemed to be written in..blood? I shoved it in my back pocket. "This counts as evidence!" I yelled, walking back the way I came, grabbing a few broken camera along the way. It IS written in blood! So, yeah, this is evidence. A tree limb snapping made me jump and run the rest of the way. 
"B-Bo-o-dil!" I panted once I caught up. "You alright?" He asked. I nodded and pulled out the folded note and pieces. "He smashed it!" I showed him it. "Then left this." I handed him the note. He read it, "But....this is evidence..." "I know!" I laughed. "Ah, the irony." I said with a grin. He handed me the items, "Bet he didn't think of that." I shrugged. "Think he's listening?" I whispered after a while of silent walking. "I hope not..." He looked around, even though it was getting lighter, the forest still looked dark. "Most likely..." I whispered under my breath. Neither of us talked the rest of the way to his house. 
He insisted that I stay there for a while, just in case. I didn't want to go home, being alone didn't really seem appealing at the moment. "You going to sleep at all?" He asked, opening the door. "Nope." I said bluntly, flopping on the couch. And passing out. "Pfffft. I knew it!" He mumbled, getting a blanket. (D...did I brake the wall?) 
I woke up wrapped in SO MANY BLANKETS. "BODIL!" I yelled, wiggling around. I couldn't get out! His signature laugh echoed from his room. I struggled..only managing to fall off the couch and slam into the ground. I rolled around the floor, managing to unfurl myself. I jumped up and ran toward him. "OH GOD NO!" He spun around and took off. 
We spent around an hour chasing each other. We were both on the couch now, panting exhaustively. "Wait." i mumbled, checking my pockets, "THE NOTE IS GONE!!" I screamed. Bodil just starred at me in shock. "H...he was here! I-in the house! Ohmygod he touched my ass!" I covered m face. "Well, I'm sure he di-" I glared at him. "Okay you're right he probably did." I just sat there, thinking about this all. "What time is it?" I asked quietly. "Um, 6:58." He said, looking at the clock. I smashed my face against the couch. "It's that late!?" He nodded. "I...have to go.." He frowned and looked at the ground. "Wake this." He got up and grabbed something, handing it to me. "A pocket knife?" He nodded, "Just in case." I shoved it in my pocket and stood up, "Bye, I suppose." He gave me a hug, "be careful, okay?" I nodded. "Bye, Y/n."
I shakily sighed and stepped int the woods. I wasn't told a specific place, so I just walked around. Deeper and deeper as the it got darker. I screamed as arms wrapped around my waist. "Glad you're back." Simon purred. Another figure caught the edge of my vision. "This the poor girl?" An unknown voice hissed. "Mhm!" Simon hummed. He let me go, instantly I spun around. The second person was male, but had long hair that almost reached his waist, tied loosely in a hair tie. The color was white with orange tips. (Yas human Baki -3- I'm using Aleatorayes style cause lets afce it it's the best humanized Baki XD) He wore a white jacket and a bright red scarf, grey pants, a black boots. His eyes were red, black where the white should be. I backed up slightly, fear clear on my face. He scoffed, "She doesn't know?" "What?" The white haired boy turned him around just as he looked at me, covering his eyes. Simon twitched. "Listen closely." he hissed, looking at me, "If you want to live, don't show fear around him. He'll lose his mind and kill you brutally." He released Simon. Instantly, I erased all signs that I was terrified. The fear inside growing higher. "I don't even know how you're alive." He mumbled. He stiffened suddenly. Simon, meanwhile, was walking around me, making me very uncomfortable. The whited haired..thing...held his hand out, and a shrill scream filled the air. With a crash, someone fell out of a tree near by. He was dragged forwards by..something. "Bodil!?" I gasped. He followed me! "Stupid human." Simon muttered, "Guess he has to die." I couldn't find any words. Bodil was forced to his feet. I only now realized that the the white haired ones eyes were glowing red, as well as around his hand. And around Bodil, he looked to be in pain. "Stop!" I screamed, trying to get to them. Instantly, Simon grabbed me. "Bad idea, Sweetie." He whispered, "Baki will hurt you." His name is Baki? 'Baki' finally released him. Bodil slammed to the ground, coughing heavily. "This one's mine." He hissed. They both disappeared. "N-no!" Tears were in my eyes. he simply held me against his chest. "He wont kill your friend." he mumbled after a while. "Wh-what?" "Baki won't kill him. He said 'This one's mine'. He usually prefers to kill in a team. So he wont kill him. He may harm him though..." A few tears fell, he wiped them away. Does this count as showing fear? Maybe it's just towards him? I don't understand this...
I pushed on his chest slightly, trying to get away from him. He held me closer, not loosening his grip at all. I tried harder, struggling now. "L-let me go...pl-please..." I whispered. He simply shook his head. I finally just gave up and burst into tears. "He'll be fine." He murmured again. With one arm under my bent knees, and one against my shoulders, he picked me up. I struggled more. "P-put me down!" He smiled and started walking deeper into the woods. "Just relax, I'll help you forget everything." He said with a grin. "Simon, please?" I used his name for the first time. He grinned and just shook his head. I sighed and stopped struggling. 
After around ten minutes of walking, a large dark wooded building could be seen. "Whatever happens. Don't scream." He mumbled. As he opened the door, rage filled screaming was instantly heard. Instantly, I moved closer to his chest, holding back any kind of sound. Simon walked in slowly. Almost instantly, I saw Bodil. I freaked out and struggled, trying to get to him. I finally wiggled ut of his grasp, and as I was running to Bodil. He grabbed the back of my shirt, jerking me back. Black electricity streaked across where I just was. "AH! HEY NO MAGIC!" A voice yelled. "Now you may go." he let me go. Bodil was sitting on a couch, watching two people fight. I paid no attention to that I tackled him in a hug. He yelped, not seeing me at the time. "Oh, you didn't kill him?" Simon yelled at one of the guys. "SIMON MAKE HIM GIVE IT BACK!" It was Baki, and someone else I didn't know. The person had a white hoodie on, and a red mask covering half his face. His hair was blond, slightly covering one eye. His feet looked like what you would expect a dragons to  be, and like a cat, he was on his toes..well claws. One arm was completely covered in spikes, the spikes, as they went outwards, curved in words into a sharp wicked blade. Atop it was a red scarf. Simon...ripped off his head and threw it at the thing. It smacked into his face, and with a scream, he swatted it away, dropping the scarf. Baki held his hand out, the scarf disappeared and reappeared around his neck. "EW!" He screamed, wiping blood off the visible side of his face. He kicked the head away, then smashed it. The now headless Simon threw his hands up. Then flipped him off. Baki somehow sat beside Bodil without me seeing. With a hiss, he ripped him from the hug I had him in. He growled, sharp teeth showing. Simon slapped him and sat between me and him. I, of course, scooted over, not liking the look of his neck. "I will rip every limb from your body." Baki hissed in a low voice, cradling Bodil in his arms. Simon shrugged. I yelped as I was suddenly pulled into someones lap. I looked up into the one pure black eye that was visible. "This one's mine." He hissed, his arm thing was gone. I sat there, terrified, not knowing what to do. "Seems like a submissive type!" 
"Simon already got her." Baki pointed out, Bodil smashed against his chest. Simon -now somehow with a head!- hissed and dragged me on his lap. "Why don't I ever get a pet!?" He wined. Pet? "When you find one, Pombi (Le nick name -3-)." He hissed. His name was Pombi? He huffed and crossed his arms. I was, once again, silent and still. Me and Bodil exchanged a glance. 'This is ridicules' I mouthed. 'I know' he mouthed back. At least he wasn't hurt! The two continued to bicker. It became full out screaming at one point. Baki held up his arm/hand again, his eyes turning pure black. Both Pombi and Simon screamed and fell off the couch, me with them. "Baki!" Simon yelled. "You wouldn't shut up." Baki mumbled. What did he do? I crawled back on the couch, sitting a ways away from Baki. He sighed and let go og Bodil, who was instantly beside me. "What happened?" I asked in a whisper. "Long story short I can't walk correctly." He whispered back. "..." He giggled. "I...don't even want to know what you two did." "Aw, no detail?" "No!" 
"I'll make sure you can't walk tomorrow." Baki stated, listening to our conversation the whole time. Bodil somehow went red and pale at the same time. "I..didn't need to know that." I mumbled. "Simon'll do the same thing!" He said with a smirk, "Or Pombi." "Yep!" I chimed in, standing on the ceiling. "NO!" Simon yelled, "MINE!" He hugged me tightly. "Better claim her before Pombi does!" He laughed. "Fine! If it means no one touches her then fine!" He picked me up and stompped off to somewhere. "W-wait..what!?"

Pffft, dat ending doh!
Of anyone wants x readers with these three..things...I made, then say in le comments! Also, the weird Pomberino thing needs a name!
For anyone whom doesn't know: Baki can control nerves, and do sorcerer things like that or whatever! And Pombi can shape shift his body. Just for anyone who would want to know ^.^

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