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Y/n pov

I was shoved against the wall, three people around me. One swung a fist, hitting my stomach hard. I yelped, doubling over. Another shoved me down, all took turns kicking me. All called me names, told me things no one should say. I was in tears, crying and covering my head. Then, one screamed, falling to the ground. Blood poured from her neck. The person next to her screamed in horror, stumbling back. Someone stood behind him, slamming a blade into his neck. The next, covered in his blood, turned to run. He got three feet away before they went down. The killer, a boy, turned towards me. I stayed where I was, shaking and curled in a ball. I was terrified. Slowly, he walked towards me, stopping just in front of me. "Are you alright?" He asked, as if he didn't just kill three people. I simply shied away, closer to the wall. He gave a soft smile, knelling down. He had yellow hair that stood up, and matching eyes, red mixed in. He wore a long sleeved black shirt, yellow designs on it. "It's okay," He whispered, "I won't hurt you." I hesitated, but sat up slowly, still shaking. "What's your name? Mine's Brice." "Y-Y/n..." I whispered, pressing myself against the wall. Brice smiled again, "That's a nice name." I didn't reply, avoiding eye contact, starring at my shoes. He stood back up, holding out his hand, "Come one, I'll take you home." Very, very, hesitantly, I took it. He pulled me up, and turned to walk. I followed him, terrified at what might happen if I didn't. "Wh-why did you do that?" I asked quietly after a moment, still scared of him. "They deserved it." He hissed, "Attacking a poor girl." "That was excessive." I mumbled to myself. He smiled again, "If you weren't there, I would have took my time. Making sure they paid the price." I chose to stay quiet after that. After around ten minutes, he stopped in front of my house. I starred at it in disbelief. "H-how did you-" I paused, looking around. He...was gone. Just gone, not a trace remained. Slowly, I waked inside. The following night, at midnight, I woke up. I looked around hesitantly, scared somebody was there. I found nothing, looking down again. That's when I saw it. Beside me, on the bed, laid a single red rose. I starred at it in a mixture of confusion and slight horror. Though, it faded. I picked it up, examining the flower. I lay back down, placing the rose next to me on my pillow. Closing my eyes, I fell back asleep. Though, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched.

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