Intoxicated Seto X Shy!reader

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Y/n pov

I sat under a large willow tree, reading a book. The willows leaves, limbs, what ever they are, reached all the way to the floor, hiding me. I was the type of girl who sat alone at lunch, reading a book. I heard the rustle of the leaves/limbs, I looked up and saw a... glowing boy? (You know what he looks like, so lets skip dat ;) ) He had glowing green eyes that had no pupils or irises. I scooted back a little and he spoke, "Sorry if I scarred you. I won't hurt you." I still wasn't sure. "I'm Seto, what's your name?" I looked down and spoke quietly, "Y/n." Was all I said. He walked over and sat beside me, "What 'cha reading?" He asked looking at my book."(Book title.)" Again I was quiet. Seto smiled, "Your a quiet one arn't you?" I nodded. "This is a beautiful tree. Do you come here a lot?" He asked. "I come here every day." We talked for an hour and it started to get dark, "I have to go." I said standing up. Seto stood to, "Hold on, before you go.." He smiled and kissed me. I blushed and kissed back. He pulled back with a smile, "See ya tomorrow." I nodded, still in shock.

Short and (hopefully) sweet. requested by floralightwolf

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