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Y/n pov

I was curled up under a tree, purring comfortably. I was almost asleep, when suddenly, Pineapples. No. Wait. Not a pineapple....but a man falling on me from above. I shrieked when the sudden weight smashed down on me. Said person shrieked as well. Now we were both shrieking. He scrambled off me, managing to get into a sitting position. Now, we were both silent, starring at each other with wide eyes. He had brown hair and matching eyes. He had red wings and a red tail, which gave him a more....terrifying look? We were both hybrids, I realized. "Well hi." He finally said. I couldn't  help but giggle, "Good way to meet girls huh?" He laughed, "That was an accident....buuuut since this appears to be working, than yes." He held his hand out, "My name's Mitch, nice to meet you, I suppose." I shook his hand, "Nice too meet you too, my name's Y/n." He laughed sheepishly, "Sorry I kind of...fell on you...I guess sleeping n a tree wasn't my best idea..." I giggled again, "It's fine. Besides, I was kinda lonely." "Welp," He grinned, "Not anymore!" I smiled, "So, are we friends now?"  "Definitely!"

You get a cookie if you get the pun in this.
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