Insane!Markiplyer x Dragon!shy!Reader

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Y/n pov

I walked thru the forest alone, my tail swishing behind me. I was...different than most people. I was a hybrid. A dragon at that. With wings and a matching tail. Not many people liked that. They hated me. Wanted me gone. Dead even! So, I never really had any friends...except for one. His name was Mark. He was different as well...for a different reason. He was insane. He snapped at random moments, laughing and attacking anything. He was a well-known murderer. Wanted dead or alive –preferably dead–. I met him one night in these very woods. I was running from people with knives. They were trying to cut my wings off. Claiming they'd be rich by them. Mark killed every last one of them. But didn't kill me. I didn't know why. But after that, I stayed close to him. In fact, I was looking for him now. "M-Mark?" I called out hesitantly, nervously rolling my tail in my hands. "Hey." A husky voice whispered in my ear. I instantly yelped, jumping forwards and tripping. Just before I hit the ground, arms wrapped around me, pulling me into someone's chest. I instantly knew it was Mark. "You're so easy to scare!" He laughed. I wiggled in his grip, "W-well, um....y-yeah?" I managed to as least turn around to face him. "No combat?" I shrugged. He simply laughed. While this was happening, I was blushing, feeling nervous as always. Mark noticed this, smirking, "Even after you've known me for a month, you're still as shy as when we met..." I looked away from his red eyes, "I...I-Is that bad?" Mark chuckled, "No, not at all...You're so cute..." He mumbled the last part, so quiet that I almost missed it. "W-what?" I looked back at him. He blushed slightly, mumbling on how I wasn;t supposed to hear that, then he smiled softly, "Might as well confess...I, Mark of the Insanity, love you, Y/n of the 'O dragon." I smiled, giggling slightly, "I love you too, Mark O' Insanity." "Mark of the Insanity." He corrected jokingly. I giggled again, hugging him.

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