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WitherMU X Neko!Reader

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The requests are all out of order, so, some recent requests could be done instantly, or next week, and vice versa. I'm basically starting with easiest ones first.
And expect the art book thing to be coming in soon (Finally).

Y/n pov

I walked through the snowy forest. The powdery white snow crunched under my weight, creating a soft, soothing sound. The scene looked like it was pulled right out of a classic movie. Snow covered everything, the trees blanketed in it. A soft set of small paw prints were thrown around, but no human ones, except mine of course. My ear flicked, the area was still snowing, resulting in it piling up there. And it glittered threw my tail, in fact, the entire world looked glittery and white. I smiled, took a deep breath, and exhaled. The world seemed to be rarely calm, and this...was perfect. Nothing else could describe it. Perfection. Nothing seemed to be out of place, nothing bad, and nothing wrong. I continued my adventure though the winter wonderland. That's when everything changed. There was an ear shattering explosion to my left, than right. Despite the snow, things ignited into flames. I screamed, spinning around and stumbling backwards. A boy stood there, looking no older than me. He had a snarl on his face, and glowing inhuman white eyes. He wore normal looking clothes, black shirt and pants, than a blue short sleeved jacket. And brown hair. Two strange looking helmets with wings floated beside him. I chose not to question that. He held a grey and black skull; smoke seemed to seep from its mouth, flickering around like flames. I stepped back again, shaking; my tail fluffed up, three times its original size. He growled, 'What do you think you're doing!?" "Wh-what?" I replied, slightly dazed and terrified. He rolled his eyes –I think-, demanding, "Why are you in my woods!?" The way he said 'my' made me shudder. "I-I didn't know these were your woods! I-I'll just...leave and never come back!" I turned to run, just as quickly, almost at an impossible speed, he grabbed my tail, jerking me back, into his chest. I yelled in surprise, twisting in his tight grip. He managed to wrap his arms around me waits, turning me around in my process of struggling. I'd be blushing if I wasn't terrified, being pressed against his chest. He just held me there, watching me with an un-amused expression. Seeing this got me nowhere, I just went limp. The man creature thing didn't expect that, and I slipped through his grasp easily. Rolling away slightly, I jumped up and started running. Seconds later, he tackled me. We both rolled around slightly, than I ended up underneath him. Pinned once again. "Nice try." He said, smiling slightly. I faked a smile, "Thanks!" Then drove my knee between his legs. He grunted, loosening his grip. I wiggled away, once again, jumping up. I was dragged down again. This is how the next five minutes went: I kicked him in the jaw, slapped him multiple times, basically rolled around, and then ended up being knocked out somehow.

I woke up tied to a bed. I was terrified, finding that I could only move my head and tail. I freaked out, struggling and pulling at the ropes. A figure appeared over me, holding me still. "Stop that!" A frighteningly familiar voice snapped. Of course, it was the thing from before. He seemed to glare down at me, the side of his lips twitching into a sneer. "L-let me go!" I instantly yelled, fearing for my life. He just rolled his eyes, "Stop struggling." His voice as slightly softer, or maybe I was just imagining it. I hesitated, but did, "Wh-why am I-I tied up?" He shook his head slightly, "I was afraid when you woke up you'd freak out again and attack me. I'll untie you, if you would like." I nodded quickly. He smiled, "Promise not to attack me?" "I-I promise!" He did, leaning over me slightly and working at the knots. He worked quickly and carefully. And soon, I was sitting up, rubbing at my slightly red wrists. I looked at the boy, "Who are you!? What are you!?" He chuckled, "My name's Jason, I'm a hybrid, like you." My tail flicked angrily, "No! You're not like me! I can purr, you can make things explode!" He chuckled again, sitting beside me. I hissed slightly, my ears laying back. "That is true." He started, "And unlike you, I'd snap any trespassers neck without hesitation especially one that thinks they can get away with talking to me like that." I shuddered, feeling suddenly scared. "But, you're...different. So I won't, maybe." I looked at him, slightly confused, "D-different?" He hummed, "The way you acted, never giving up on getting away. Any other person would probably cry and beg me not to kill them, but not you." He leaned in, stopping inches away from my face, "Besides...you're cute." I blushed, "C-cute?" He hummed again, giggling and leaning back, "Seems that you're shy as well." He muttered to himself, "I wonder..." Seconds later, he raised his hand to stroke my ear. I jumped slightly in surprise, a slight purr choking out. I jerked away slightly, my eyes widening in surprise. Jason just smirked back. Next thing I knew, I was in his lap, and he as petting my ear again. I didn't struggle this time; I just sat there and, well, purred. After all, that's what cats do.

Another terrible ending! Whateveh, enjoy!
Requested by Kaite108_ 

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