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(y/n) pov

I looked around the forest, my (f/c) ear twitched at the sound of a twig snapping. I yelped and climbed up the nearest tree, "GO AWAY!" I yelled. I saw a deer's head pop up from behind a bush and then run away. I let out a sigh and the fur on my tail lied flat again. My ears picked up something running and I gasped and climbed higher. There the thick leaves I saw something that was glowing a neon green at the trunk of the tree, then it disappeared. All day i've seen this thing following me and now I jump at any sound. I heard breathing behind me and out of the corner of my eye I saw the same neon glow. I yelped and jumped forward, almost falling off the branch. I used my tail to balance my self and I turned around. I gasped and all most fell off again. A boy that wore a sorcerers hood(or what ever it is) that glowed at some parts. He had pure glowing green eyes that had no pupils. His tongue was abnormally long and glowed the same as his eyes. His freaky tongue went back in his mouth (How? Does he swallow it or something?! MAGIC!!!) and he smirked. My tail flicked around and I backed up. He giggled and came forward, "S-stay a-away fr-om m-me." I tried to sound intimidating but failed. He laughed, "Aw~ Are you s-s-scared?" He said, making fun of my stutter. I hissed and backed up a little. His smirk turned into a horrible smile and he stepped forward. My eyes widened when I realized what he was doing, 'He's going to make me fall out of the tree!' I backed up a little more and the branch wobbled, I was getting closer to the end. My ears  back and my tail wouldn't stay still. I couldn't help it, I looked down. Now I wish I didn't climb so far. I looked back at the man and he laughed, "I heard cats have nine lives," His voice became darker, "I wonder if it's true~" He stepped closer, making the branch wobble, "N-NO! I-it isn't t-true!" He smirked again and made the branch wiggle with his foot. I yelped and fell forward, clinging to the branch for dear life. I scooted back again and he stepped forward. He hoped on the branch making it shake. I whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut, "P-p-p-please s-sto-op-p." He smirked and stopped. I heard a crack and my eyes widened. I scrambled up, crack, crack! I looked around then smiled. I shuddered and jumped across to another branch. Right as my feet touched it the branch I was on broke with a loud snap and fell to the ground. I smiled and looked at the man...WHO WAS GONE!? I thought to my self, 'How does he do that?' "Because i'm a sorcerer." I yelped and spun around. He stood behind me. I yelped and jumped back, right off the branch, Good job (y/n), good job. I squeezed my eyes shut, my tail fluffed up and felt something grab me. I opened my eyes and saw that the boy had a hold of my arm. I was so scarred and surprised that I blacked out.

I woke up in a soft green/black bed. I sat up and say the man standing beside the bed, "Oh, your awake." I whimpered and scooted back, "Calm down, I decided not to hurt you." I still didn't trust him. He sighed, "At least tell me your name. I'm Seto." "M-my names (y/n)." I said with a tab bit of stutter. He smiled as I relaxed a little. "Why'd you decide not to kill me?" I asked Seto. He smiled again, Because I think your kinda cute~" I blushed and my tail fluffed up a little.

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