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Anticepticeye x Blind(One eye)! reader

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As the title says, the reader is  blind in only one eye. (No idea what to call him so you just get 'Jack'.)
Also, before this starts, Wattpad wont let me change the name of the story, I don't know why. Requests ARE open, it just wont change. I've tried multiple times.

Y/n pov

I was...different. For a few reasons. One, a lesser reason, I could only see with one eye. Some childhood freak accident, the event was fuzzy. That doesn't matter right now. The greater reason, well, to be blunt, I was in a relation ship with a demon. A very famous demon at that. He was a killer. A murderer. A creature that loved to torture people till they dropped dead. Where ever he went, people would die. He was a monster. I didn't agree with what he's done, and will do, and sometimes...I'm terrified of him. Then again....you can't choose who you love. Besides, I couldn't leave if I wanted too. He's very...possessive. He'd kill me before He'd let me leave. He wouldn't do that though, at least....I don't think he would. He was unpredictable, forcing me to watch every single word I say, every action I do. Everything I've said so far, makes him look like a terrible person. Maybe he is... But....not around me. He shows a kind of...compassion towards me. As if he....loved me? No. That was impossible. Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around my waist. I gasped, my thoughts shattering like glass. He chuckled darkly against me neck. He'd always do this, take advantage of my disadvantage. "J-Jack." I whispered, shuddering as his cold breath hit my neck. Jack grinned , grazing his sharpened teeth across it. His hair was an almost black brown, slightly spiked in the front. He had no pupils, his irises a bright blue. The whites of his eyes were different as well, the left green, the other black. Along with his shark like teeth, adding to the 'demonized' look. His skin was an unhealthy pale as well. He seemed to be the definition of terror, his...aurora was dark and unwelcoming, it certainly made me shudder anytime he was near. "Y/n," He finally hissed, a slight edge in his voice, "I have a few....questions for you." I instantly racked my brain for anything that I could have done wrong. Seeing my distress, he giggled, still firmly holding me against his chest. I didn't say anything, too...scared to speak. "Tell me," He started, "Why do you stay?" I instantly went rigid, not expecting the question. Hesitantly, I answered. A lame, 'You make me.' The demon laughed at this, of course, didn't satisfy him, "That is true, but...you don't try. Countless times, you could have left. When I'm asleep, gone stalking another victim, tutoring one even. And yet...I still come home to find you here." He grinned slyly, "Why is that?" I didn't  answer, a red hue forming on my cheeks. "You like me don't you?" he said after a few tense moments. My blush darkened at that, and I stuttered out a few incoherent syllables. He chuckled again, stroking my cheek. The kind action was common, though in this situation, it just startled me. "I see the way you look at me. Even when you think I don't notice I do..." My blush grew thicker. He turned me around suddenly, his hands firmly grabbing my shoulders. "Look at me." He hissed, for I was staring at the ground. I hesitated again, but did, shaking slightly. His look, however,  surprised me, it was a soft smile, his eyes looking almost friendly. They were, I realized. "And I like you too." I felt as if I'd fall down. "Wh-what?" I whispered. He smiled, cocking his head slightly, "I wouldn't be keeping you around if I didn't. I know, I act mean and tough, but in reality, I just want to learn too love again." I smiled slightly. He continued, gingerly bringing into a soft kiss, when he pulled away, he whispered a quiet, "Care to teach me how?"

I went for a more cute side of insanity. Okay, that sounds terrible XD Sorry the blind in one eye idea wasn't used that much, I can only do so much for a story.
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