Sane!Mirrorlox x Sane!Dragon!Mirror!Reader

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Y/n pov

I crept around the old house. I was looking for a friend. We were both different from the rest. We were what you'd call a 'Mirror Monster'. A creature covered in cracks, like a walking porcelain doll. I was also a dragon hybrid, so, I was a little more different. But MirrorLox didn't mind. MirrorLox being the friend I was looking for. We were in the middle of a game of hide and seek. With a twist, if I couldn't find him, he got one free pass to do anything, and vise versa if I found him. Sadly, it had already been twenty minutes, and I was close to giving up. I checked every room thrice, and found nothing. What ever he'd do couldn't be that bad. So, hesitantly, I called out, "I give!" Suddenly, the mirror smashed behind me. I spun around, watching as none other then MirrorLox hopped out. "You cheater!" I shrieked, my tail lashing around. The boy laughed, "Nah, we never agreed that we couldn't hide in mirrors!" I realized he was right, huffing, "Fine, whatever! What do you want to do with me?" He grinned, walking close enough that I could feel his cold breath. "I want a kiss!" He declared with a grin. I choked on air, "Wh-what!?" "Yep, a kiss! You were the one that said anything!" I huffed again, "I hate it when you're right! Fine, make it quick!" He grinned, wrapping an arm around my waist and pressing his lips against mine. I kissed back of course, in fact, I melted into it. His lips were soft, and cold. That was expected though, being made of glass and all. When he pulled away, he turned away, "Your turn to hide!" I grinned, running away. I decided to play dirty like he did and hid on the roof. When he couldn't fine me, and I got to do whatever I wanted. I got back at him but cutting his hair. He now had an ugly bowl haircut.

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