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(y/n) pov

I laughed and skipped down the gravel path. I smiled and looked at the huge mansion in front of me. I was seeing my Friend, I acutely like him. I don't think he likes me back though. I shook the thought out of my head and knocked on the door. I heard a shuffle of feet and the door unlocking. The door opened showing a very tired Seto. His cape has crooked and his hair was a mess, "What?" He whined groggily. I giggled, "Hello!" I said smiling widely. He smiled slightly and stepped to the side, "Come on in." I smiled and walked in, "Thank you!" I said still smiling. I looked at the couch, a pillow and blanket was on it. "Well someone just woke up." He nodded his head and flopped on it. I giggled again and moved his feet away. He groaned and sat up, throwing a pillow at me. I grabbed it and threw it back. I sat down, he put his feet on my lap and put the pillow over his head. I giggled and pulled the blanket over him. After about ten minuets of silence, Seto sat up and grabbed me. I yelped as I was pulled beside him, laying next to him on the couch. I blushed and tried to get up. Seto growled and held me to his chest. "Seto? Could you, uh, let me go?" He had his eyes closed and smirked, "Nope. This is what happens when you wake me up~" He teased hugging me closer. I smiled evilly, I pretended to snuggle into his chest only to bite his shoulder, hard. He yelped and let me go. I jumped up and laughed. Seto growled and tried to grab me. I jumped back and ran, him not to far behind. I laughed as we ran circles around the couch. I yelped when he used magic to slam he into the wall. I wined, "No fair~ You used magic!" He smirked and walked towards me, "But i'm a sorcerer! I use magic~" He mocked. I struggled and growled. He smiled and stopped in front of me. "Seto.." I growled. He laughed, "All I wanted was to cuddle with you; and you bite my shoulder?" I smiled and shrugged. Seto sighed and I felt him take away the magic that was holding me up. I was about to say something, but Seto picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Seto! Put Me Down!" He simple laughed and walked to his room. I was thrown on to a bed and before I could get away, Seto was holding me into his chest. I once again tried to get up, he didn't let go. I sighed and stopped struggling. Ha laughed and hugged me tighter. I giggled at his anorableness. Seto grabbed a blanket and covered us both. He had a smile on his eyes were closed. I sighed happiley and snuggled into his soft warm chest. Seto giggled and patted my head. I made a 'woof' and he giggled, "Good puupy." I giggled and pulled the blanket over my head. "Your weird." Seto said giggling. "But you love me!" I exclamied. "Yah I do." He mumbled something after that but I didn't hear, "What?" I asked poking my head out of the blanket. "N-nothing." He stuttered, "TELL MEEEEEE!" I wined shaking him.  He said no and I got an evil idea. I smirked and crawled on his lap, "Tell mee~" I wined, I could see him blush, Perfect. I placed my hands on his sides and....TICKLED HIM!!!!!! (Sorry for all you pervy readers >;D) He gasped and started laughing. I smirked and tickled him harder. He gasped again and laughed louder. "TELL MEE!" I said tickling under his arms, "FIIINE! J-HHAHA-STOP!" I smirked and got off him, "Go on.." He blushed and spoke quietly. "What?" he sighed, "When you said, 'but you love me' and I said, 'yah I do' I, uh, said a-a lot after that." He said rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled, "Do you mean it?" "Of course!" He said quickly. After a salience he sat up and gently took my chin and tilted it up. I blushed as he pressed our lips together, I kissed beck and he smiled into the kiss. I was the first to pull away because I needed breath. "I love you." I said hugging him, "I live you to." He flopped down and pulled me with him, smashing me into his chest again. "Sleep. Now." I sighed and closed my eyes. "Fine." I heard him giggle as I fell into a peaceful sleep.

Okay this was rushed requested by ChibiCelebi

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