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Y/n pov

I sat alone in an empty class room. Almost empty. Bodies were scattered around, blood splattered everywhere. A knife sat in front of me, also caked in blood. I snapped. Thirty minutes before, I was being bullied. Beat up, threatened, and called awful names. I snapped finally, anger flooding in. I blacked out, and when I came back to reality, I was here, covered in blood. The door opened slowly, suddenly. Instantly, I snapped towards the sound, grabbing my knife tightly. A boy walked in, stepping back slightly when seeing the mess, "Oh god." He had brown hair that was pulled back. He wore a simple light blue shirt and jeans, an amulet around his neck, and black glasses hiding his eyes. When he seen me, he put his hands up, "Whoa calm down." I hesitated, not knowing what I was honestly doing. "Finally broke?" He chuckled. I was shaking slightly, standing up and holding the knife tightly. He went on, "I knew it wouldn't be long, before it happened. Now we're alike....sort of." "W-what do you m-mean?" I stuttered. He chuckled, taking off the glasses, and putting them in his pockets. When he opened his eyes, I gasped slightly. They were a solid gold color, and seemed to glow. He pulled out a knife, surprisingly, it was the same as mine. A curved blade, slightly bloody, with intricate curved in the wooden handle. I shifted uneasily, creeped out. "Where'd you think you got the knife?" I dropped it, not wanting to hold it anymore. He scowled slightly at  that, mumbling on how ancient it was. "Who are you?" I demanded, stepping back. He grinned, brushing off the knife incident, "My name's Skybrine, nice to meet you!" I said nothing, so he continued, "Do you want to know what happened?" I nodded slightly, confused on why he suddenly asked that. He smirked, "I saw you attacking one of the guys, so, I gave you that knife. You grinned and laughed, stabbing him over and over again. You cut him open, pulling out multiple organs." He started coming closer, I found I was frozen, "He kept screaming and screaming, and you never stopped. Laughing and laughing, a grin never leaving." He stopped just in front of me, "They're coming, you know." "W-who?" "The hunters." Was he talking about the police? Or something else? He smirked, "You need to get hide somewhere." I flinched slightly, "Wh-where?" He grinned, "With me of course." I had a distant feeling that this entire thing was set up.

This is what happens when you have writers block, you get a story that doesn't make since, and ends terribly, sorry it's bad.
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