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Y/n pov

My friends thought it was a good idea to leave me alone in the woods, at night, with nothing. They even took my walking stick! I had no idea where I was, I knew that I was far away from any civilization. That much I knew. I stayed where they left me, hoping they would come back at any moment. However, when over an hour passed, I finally got up, inching my way threw the woods. I stepped carefully, feeling around for anything. A twig snapping made me freeze. "H-hello?" I said in a quiet voice. No response. I hesitantly started walking again. Leaves crunched under neath me. And I thought I heard....a second pair of footsteps. I stopped, they did too. I kept walking, then decided to test if I was crazy or not. I stopped walking just as my foot almost hit the ground.
Fear pulsed threw me. "O-okay! Th-this isn't funny an-nymore! C-come out!" I turned around, backing up. This time, the foot steps continued, slowly walking towards me. A deep chuckle told me that this wasn't a friend playing a prank. My eyes widened and I spun around, running blindly, quiet literally, threw the woods. Whoever it was gave chase, gaining quickly. Tree branches snagged on my cloths, and whipped across my skin. Then, or course, I tripped. I slammed o the ground. The footsteps slowed to a stop. I turned around, crawling away backwards. The thing chuckled once again, slowly following. "Pl-please, j-just l-leave me alone!" I begged, stumbling faster. "Can't do that." He hissed, his voice dark and cold. My back hit a tree, and instantly, I burst into tears. He knelled down -I think- and moved close to my face, close enough to feel his breath on my neck. He just...starred at me. While I starred at nothing. "Some friends you've got. Abandoning you here. Where the scary monster lives." He laughed, pressing something cold and sharp against my neck. I instantly recognized it as a knife. "N-no! Pl-please d-don-n't!" I begged, crying harder, my body shaking. "You can't see me? Can you?" I shook my head quickly. "Aw, too bad...I love seeing the horror on peoples faces when they just get a glimpse." I could hear the grin in his voice. "What's your name?" Why aren't I already dead? Why does he care? "Y-Y-Y/n..." I whispered. He removed the knife, "Hm, the perfect name for someone like you...." He went silent, thinking? "It would be an awful shame to let a jewel like you slip away." "J-Jewel?" I stuttered, confused. He giggled, "Yes, a jewel." He wiped the tears away -I flinched of course-. He gingerly picked me up, holding me bridal style. "Wh-what are you d-doing?" I whimpered. He giggled, "I can't let my Jewel get broken, now can I?" I shuddered slightly, His? He turned around and began walking. "W...wh-who are you?" I hesitantly asked. "My name's Jin. I'm surprised no one told about this place." "Th-this place?" He giggled, "You know! Where the mass murders happen? 'Courses found by hundreds'? Burned, ripped apart, headless?" I flinched at the thought, even more fearful, but I shook my head slowly. I honestly haven't lived here long. Only arriving around a week ago. But....he did all that? Hundreds? "But don't worry." He held me close, "I'll never do any of that to you." I shuddered again. He giggled, "I'll male sure to take good care of my Jewel."

Ending it there because it's 12 at night here! Happy -Lil late- Halloween!

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