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1:49 in the morning, made three stores already. LETS MAKE ANOTHER!

(y/n) pov

I giggled for no reason and walked along the gravel path. I started laughing loudly. I stopped as I spotted a person walking. 'Who walks around in the middle of the night? Oh well more blood for me.' I thought walking behind the person. I was right behind him. I raised my knife and stabbed him in the head. He screeched then fell to the floor, limp. I pulled my knife out and walked home. I opened the front door. "IAN I"M HOME!" I screamed. Oh yah, almost forgot, I live with the derp him self. I might even have a small crush on him. I closed the door and smelled something burning. "Not again." I wined walking to the kitchen. Derp Ssundee was face down on the floor, the inside of the oven was on fire. I sighed and grabbed the fire extinguisher. I put out the fire and pulled out the burnt cake. I heard a muffled, "CAAAAAKE!?" I sighed, "Yes, I'll make you a cake." "Cake:3" I giggled and helped him up. "Thanks." He said with his adorable derpy voice. I grabbed the ingredients for the cake and mix them up. I put it in the oven and sat beside Derp Ssundee, lets just call him Ian. "When's the cake gonna be done?" Ian wined. "In a minute." He wined and smacked his head down on the table. "Ow." He mumbled. I giggled. I heard the 'ding' of the oven. "CAKE!" Ian jumped up. "Yes the cakes done." I said grabbing the oven mitt. I pulled the cake out and sat it on the table, "Don't touch it Ian." I said swatting his hand away. He mumbled 'cake' And sat down. I grabbed the icing and some cherries. I spread the icing on and placed the cherries on. Ian smiled and scooted closer to it. I grabbed a knife and to plates, I cut the cake into equal pieces. I put one on my plate and one on Ian's. "Can I eat now?" He asked with puppy eyes. I smiled, "Yes, Ian, you can eat." "YAH!" He started eating. I giggled again and eat my piece. After about an hour, Ian ate most of the cake and I had two pieces. He ate the last bite of cake. "The cakes gone." Ian wined. "you ate it all." I pointed out. He looked at me then smiled. "You have a bit of cake on your cheek. Let me get it." I was about to decline but he silenced me. He walked over and licked my face. I blushed a dark red and sat there, just processing what happened. "Welp. I'm going to bed!" Ian said jumping up and walking to his room. I just sat there.

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