Yandere!Aphmau x reader

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I only had Aphmau x reader in my lil notes, so, yeah, it's yandere now.

Y/n pov

Slowly, I noticed things changing. People started going missing at my school. It started out as random people. Next it became friends, then close friends. Then people I liked. Then, only a few people were left. I don't know why the school didn't close down. It simply stayed open. that's not the only thing strange. I've noticed a girl. A girl that followed me everywhere. It was....creepy. She had black hair and amber eyes that....looked almost insane. I didn't pay much attention to it, more to the fact everyone was gone. They just....vanished. One day, while I was walking to the science lab. I saw her dragging something. I decided to get a better look, peeking from around the corner. She was giggling, whispering, "He'll never take her away from me now." I saw the trail first. A thick red liquid pouring from around her. Then I seen what she was dragging. I was a boy, one of the class mates. I couldn't stop the scream from coming out. She dropped the body, gasping when she seen me. I practically cowered in fear, starring at her with wide eyes. She backed up, "N-no. You w-weren't supposed to see this." "Y-you killed someone!" I yelled, backing up. She twitched, a grin stretching across her face, 'I-I g-gues-s I h-have t-to d-do wh-what n-nee-eds to b-be-be done!" She held out a knife, sprinting towards me. I turned to run, but stupidly, I got tangled in my own legs, crashing to the floor. A second later, a knife was slammed against my back. I screamed loudly, feeling the blood bubble around it. She laughed loudly, ripping it out and stabbing it back in. She repeated the action multiple times, until I stopped  moving. I just...stopped, bleeding out on the floor of the school. "If I can't have you," She whispered, "No one can." She giggled, "I love you."

Another short one, and not as cuddly. 
Requested by Sonicboy6000

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