Enderlox x child!reader

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Okay sorry if there are two of these. The first one didn't publish when it said it did. My wattpad could just be glitching or something.

K I'm changing (y/n) to y/n (still seven)

y/n pov

"But mom, He's real!" I tried to tell her that my best friend was real, "Y/n He isn't. He's just a figment of your imagination, he's your imaginary friend. Not real!" She kept telling me that he wasn't real, but every day you talked to him! I huffed and stompped up stairs. I opened my door and hopped on the bed. "Hey little Y/n." Your best friend greeted. "Hi Enderlox!" I said cheerfully. He sat next to me, "What's wrong?" I frowned, "My mommy dosn'r believe me when I tell her your real!" I told him. Enderlox smiled and patted my head, "Don't worry. I am real!" He said patting my head. I smiled and hugged him, "I know your real! Because your my best friend!" Enderlox smiled and hugged me back, "And your my best friend!" "Am I your bestest friend?" I asked, looking at him. He smiled and patted my head, "Yes your my bestest friend!"

:D I did this in under five minutes! Maybe..
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