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Insane!Skylox x reader

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This is kinda a teaser. For a future book. This is le Sky and Ty, if you didn't know! I hope chu enjoy c:

Y/n pov

All I wanted to do was take a walk threw the woods. But instead....I got lost. Of course. And, just like a horror movie, it was dark. Even more like a horror movie, lets list it off! It was dark, I was lost, it was foggy...and I was terrified. Just...perfect. I walked in a random direction. I looked around, the terror rising. A certain sound made me pause my walking.
...Foot steps...
They stopped... I was being followed. I spun around and looked towards where I think the sound was. I didn't see anything, so very hesitantly, I kept walking. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Walking a little faster. "I'm just crazy.." I mumbled, "No one's there. I'm alo-" 
I froze. I...didn't step on anything. Slowly turning around, I searched for the source of the noise. The leaves to my left moved. Then the right.

Whatever was following me...there were two...And I was being hunted. I instantly spun around and ran the way I came. Something jumped in front of me. Before I could react, I slammed into it. I fell backwards, hitting the ground. I sat up quickly and looked up. Starring into red eyes. It, he, was human. Or appeared to be. I gasped, he was covered in blood! He had brown hair that covered one red glowing eye. His white V neck was covered in blood splatters, along with his grey pants. I scooted backwards, seeing the bloodied knife in his hands. I kept scooting back until my back hit something hard. I yelped and looked over my shoulder, remembering that the way I was going had no trees in my path. Another man stood there. He also had red eyes and clothes splattered with blood. His dark brown hair was pulled back in a short pony tail (Such manliness). His clothes were different shades of grey, and he wore black gloves bordered by white. He also had an amulet, the center glowed with some kind of red stone. I stumbled forwards, still on the ground. He to, had a bloodied knife. The two chuckled darkly and slowly circled me. Each had a wide grin. I was trapped, unable to run. "Well well well..what have we here?" The one with the amulet snickered. "A trespasser!" The other hissed. My body started to shake. 'What should we do with it?" He continued. "Kill it brutally?" The amulet one responded. The one with the white shirt's grin grew, "I love that idea. But...maybe we could use it for something..else?" I opened my mouth to speak, plead them to let me live, but the only thing that came out was a small whimper. The other giggled insanely, "Wonderful suggestion!" They both grabbed me, each grabbing one arm. I screamed and struggled. The one with hair covering one eye..pressed a knife to my throat. I instantly stopped, tearing up. "If you want to live..I suggest you stop." He cooed. I looked away from him, scared beyond believe. The both dragged me up, the one with the red necklace threw me over his shoulder. And they both took off deeper into the woods...me with them. 
I'm as good as dead...knowing what might happen..

The ending sucks, but oh well. Su yas, this is a new book coming up soon. Right now, the three books  soon to arrive:

Lil Red -Mad!Merome- (lil red riding hood style)
Puppets (EnderOni/Dangan Ronpa style, kinda)
Insane Skylox x reader (Doesn't have a name yet)

They will most likely take a while though, due to writers block. 
Hope chu all liked this 'v'

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