Enderlox x Male!reader

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Y/n pov

I looked around the dark woods, scared that I was being followed. CRACK! I screamed and spun around. I'm such a wuss....Nothing was there. I frowned, "Damn...birds?" I sighed and continued to walk. Why did I agree to going alone into the woods at midnight. "Stupid friends.." I muttered. I screamed as I was suddenly slammed against a tree. I looked into the piecing purple eyes of...Enderlox. I screamed and tried to get away. Hoe do I manage to go into the woods Enderlox lives in?! He growled and dug his claws into my neck, "Shut the hell up!" I whimpered and stopped. He growled and bared his sharp fangs, looking at my neck. "Why are you here?" He hissed lowly. "I-I w-was just p-passing threw.." I said, quietly. He snarled and roughly bit my neck, making me cry out in pain. I tried to push him off, he just growled and bit harder, holding on. I whimpered and stopped quickly. His grip on my neck loosened slightly. I felt blood trickle down my neck. Enderlox smirked and licked it up roughly, making me wince in pain. He pulled off of me and glared into my E/c eyes. He smirked and hissed, "So scared...I absolutely love it!" I looked down, terrified. He wrapped his tail roughly around my waist and spread his wings. My eyes widened once again, "Nonono-AAHHHHH" I screamed as he shot into the air, spinning around and taking off deeper into the woods. I he swerved between trees, going faster and faster with each wing beat. He looked back at me and smirked, "Having fun?!" I squeezed my eyes shut and held onto his tail tightly. He flew downwards and landed at the entrance of a cave. He folded his wings and held me off of the ground, making sure I couldn't run. He hummed something and walked in. I desperately tried to get away from him. He laughed, "Not gonna work!" He walked a little more and set me down, slamming me against the wall. "Now, lets make this simple, I'll ask you something, you don't answer, or try to run. You die!" I whimpered and looked down, nodding slightly. "What's your name?" "...Y-Y/n.." I whispered. "Why were you in the woods. I want the truth." "I-I....was dared to go i-in.." "Hm...What's your sexuality?" I was surprised by his question. Why would he ask that? He growled and bared his fangs. "U-Um..B-Bisexual (Just for this :3)." He smirked, "Perfect." "Wh-hmf!" I was cut off as his lips crashed into mine. After a moment of shock, I hesitantly kissed back. Enderlox smirked and kissed me a little rough, making me moan slightly. He pulled away after a moment. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't like you." He muttered in a serious tone. I blushed a little, "I-I...I kinda like you too." He smiled, "Really?" I nodded shyly. He pulled me close to his chest and..purred? He purred happily, wrapping his tail around my waist, not hurting me though. I sighed slightly and laid my head against his chest, suddenly feeling tired. He picked me up gently, "Sleepy?" I nodded slightly. He smiled and carried my somewhere. I closed my eyes and leaned onto him. A moment later I was placed onto something soft, most likely a bed. Enderlox laid beside me and wrapped his wings around me, pulling me close again. I smiled again and slowly fell asleep, listening to his soothing heartbeat.


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