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Insane!Enderlox x reader

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Y/n pov

I ran down the path. It was very dark, and I was in the middle of the woods. A creature chased me, claws glinting in the moonlight. All I wanted to do was take a walk. I guess I shouldn't have ignored the warning signs. I cried out as I was slammed against the ground, the creature pinning me on my back. "Hello there.~" He giggled. His purple eyes seemed to glow in the dark, his wings draping over the ground. He was a hybrid.
There was no way I could run. He pressed his claws against my neck, "Such a beautiful night, isn't it?" You could see the insanity in his eyes, his wide grin, how he twitched. "Such a wonderful night to die." He giggled, his voice wavering. He dragged his free hand, and claws, across my face, just under my eyes. "What's your name?" He hissed. "Y-Y/n." I said quickly. "My my, what a perfect name for you." He pressed harder, slightly braking the skin, "Why are you in the woods? So late at night?" I gasped slightly, "I-I was-s just g-going for a w-walk!" He sighed with a smile, "What a shame, I have to kill you now." "N-no!" Tears threatened to spill, "N-No! Pl-please!" He giggled again, "Sorry, darling. I never let my prey live." I screamed as he ripped his claws across my neck. Blood poured out. I choked on my own blood, gasping for air. He laughed loudly, repeatedly clawing at various places. The last thing I saw, was his wide grin and glistening eyes. 

Sorry updates are short, or haven't been that good. I haven't been feeling well lately ;-;

Requested by Bekakillsquidfaceoff
I think...

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