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Y/n pov

"Y/n, we've got a new one, he's been assigned to you." That was all my boss said, tossing a file on my desk and walking away. I signed quietly, grabbing it and opening the tan colored folder. It was a classic murderer file. His name was Ian, and his picture was....was just creepy. He had black hair that looked matted with blood. In fact, there was blood all over him. he had dark blue eyes that seemed to scream with insanity. Actually, the little section of notes said 'Mentally stable'. I read threw it quickly. 'Multiple Personality Syndrome' was a strange one. With another sigh, I got up. He'd be in the holding cell, of course I'd have to go get him. In order to reach the holding cell, I'd have to walk passed the other cells. That received almost every inmate doing the classic catcall. I was the only woman in this particular that was expected. Finally, I got to the room. It was a simple cement one with an iron door. I forced the key in and opened the door. The man was in the chair at the table, of course. It was place where people would question him. His hands were calmly placed in his lap, and he wasn't covered in blood. His hair was still a mess, though. "Alright, uh, Ian, lets go." I said, walking in and softly grabbed his shoulder. He looked up this time, smiling. "I didn't expect a girl." Was all he said, standing up. He was taller then me, I realized, hoping he wouldn't try anything. I checked his file again, realizing he'd be in a room alone, separate from the rest. He must have done something really bad. I had to  grab onto his forearm instead, since...well...he was tall. While I was walking him down the hall, the other  inmates weren't making a sound, apparently scared? It seemed everyone knew who he was except me. Wonderful. Anyways, I finally opened the door to his cell, ushering him in. I was never one to shove people around, especially not people like him. I didn't really feel like being stabbed. When he was in, I started the little speech each prisoner got, his was different though, "This is your cell. Food will be delivered to this cell twice a day. You will stay n this cell for," I checked the paper again, "E-eighty-seven years?" Ian chuckled, "That's what happens when you burn down an orphanage, and....other things." I stepped back again, "Alriiight, well, enjoy your new home." I didn't even finish the speech, turning around to quickly leave. "See you tonight sweety." He hissed suddenly, licking his bottom lip. I slammed the door shut after that, making sure it was locked. Three times I checked it, then,  left. 

At the end of the day, half the people go home, the other half sleep in the prison in case something bad happens. I was apart of this group. It was like our own cells, with exceptions of course. It was around twelve at night, and I couldn't sleep. What he said...scared me. And those 'other things', turned out to be mass murders and....terrible crimes that should never be committed. And the whole 'see you tonight', what did that mean!? I sighed deeply, closing me eyes, and trying my hardest to fall asleep. However, suddenly, a loud alarm went off. My eyes flew open and I jumped up. Something bad was happening. Quickly, I got dressed into my gear, grabbing the black pistol out f the drawer. When I opened my door, other people were already running down the hall. I joined them, of course. When we turned a corner, I stopped. It was a riot. The prisoners some how escaped, and had...weapons. "Y/n!" Someone suddenly yelled, "Get Ian! He can NOT escape!" I nodded, yelling a quick 'yes sir', then sprinting towards the certain cell he'd be in. Unsurprisingly, the door was open, and the cell was empty. I walked in, gun in hand, and ready to shoot anything that moved. That wouldn't happen, however, because arms wrapped around my waist, grabbing the gun just as quickly. I wasn't expecting it, so the weapon was easily taken. The door shut, and I was tossed to the ground like a rag doll. When I got up again, I stared at the attacker. It was Ian of course, with a wide grin. "You're gonna kill me now, aren't you?" I hissed, "Just like everyone else you murdered." The man chuckled, "That would be fun., Y/n, I'm not going to kill you." I choose not to question how he knew my name, worried about the gun he held. He tossed it out the small window in the door, neither of us had any weapons now. At least....I didn't. Suddenly, he pinned me to thee wall, smirking against my neck. "G-get off." I hissed, trying to push him away. "No, it's not everyday you get an opportunity like this, haha." he slipped a hind up my shirt, "I'm not going to waste it."

No part two, sorreh guys
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