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Virus Cry x Digital!reader

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Three day weekend WooHoo! Also pictures aren't working ;-;

Y/n pov

I sat at my computer, trying to fix it. The digital markings on my (See-able body part) glowed f/c. I was 'Digital', as some people called it. I was basically a test subject by a mad scientist. He was trying to teleport people threw data, technology, things like that. There were two, me, and a boy. His name was cry, and he never took off his mask. He had brown hair, and from what he said, bright blue eyes. He always had a green hoodie and black pants. His mask had the Digital patched on it, its mouth was made jagged and with a huge smile. He was the only human I talked to since the year I was in there. We grew a close relationship, I even started to like him. Then, when the scientist wasn't looking. We were attached to the machine, it kicked on. And we were both teleported to different places. We could be a mile away, or all the way across the globe! I soon mastered the telepotaion with a devise. And just as I was about to teleport right to him -Don't ask how I knew- my computer crashed, and erased EVERYthing. I hissed and banged my fist against the table, curing loudly. The glowing markings pulsed with my anger, turning slightly darker. My computer sparked. I yelped and stood up, backing away from it. It sparked more, and turned to a light blue, glitching screen. A light seemed to flash from it, hitting the ground and growing, taking the form of a human. It flashed off, and...Cry stood there! "Cry!?" I gasped, starring at him. "Y/n?" His glitched voice said. I grinned and threw myself into his arms. He hugged back quickly. "How?!" I asked, hugging him even tighter. "I just...found you! Sorry that i broke it trying to come threw..." I giggled, "That was you!?" He nodded. I laughed louder, "Oh well! At least your here now!" He chuckled and held me closer to his chest. "There's something I've wanted to tell you, but couldn't get a chance." I hummed and looked up at him, he refused to let me go. "I...love you." He mumbled, looking down. I smiled, "I-I love you too!" He, very hesitantly, took off his mask. His eyes were beautiful, just as he said, a dazzling bright blue. I slightly touched his face, "You're beautiful..." He smiled and slightly blushed. After a moment, we both leaned in until out lips touched. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his were already around my face. He pulled away after we both needed air. I hugged hi again, "I'm so glad you're here!" He grinned, and held me close, again, "And I wont be going anywhere, anytime soon!"

Requested by floralightwolf

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