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If you've requested and I haven't replied, I've seen it, and it's written down. I go threw all my comments, I just don't reply to most of them. So please, pleeaase, don't ask for it multiple times.THE SMUTS RETURN!!
Enjoy this long awaited Smut.
Warning: strong language, sexual actions, Forced.

Y/n pov

It was a normal day. Nothing wrong. Nothing at all. All was fine and content. The sky was clear, and it was Friday, the last day of school. The last class. The last few minutes ticked by slowly. I counted down the seconds, eyes glued to the clock. Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen. Ten. Nine. Eight. Three. Two. The class erupted in cheering as the bell rang, flooding out of the class. My friends, two laughing girls, stopped beside me. "We're going to the woods, wanna come?" I instantly nodded. After all. It was just a normal day. So, why not take a normal walk in the normal woods? "Sure! Sounds fun." I said with a smile, gathering my things. "Meet us at the edge at the woods at five." "Got it." Then, they parted. Each going there own way. Now, it was the middle of December. So, by five, the sun would be setting. And, it would be cold. Very cold. So, I went home, and picked out my warmest clothes. A fuzzy pair of pants, and a long sleeved shirt. Can't forget the heavy jacket, boots, and fluffy scarf. Normal clothing for a normal night. For the next few hours I had, I simply laid on the couch, watching Christmas movies. Like the animated Grinch and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. When the sky just barely started to dim, and the clock red 4:56, I got up, putting on the clothing I picked out and heading out the door. In a matter of minutes, I stopped at the edge of the woods. Something wasn't right, why was I the first on here? Surely, my friends would be early. As they always were. Did something happen to them? Were they okay? "BOO!" I instantly screamed in terror, stumbling backwards and slamming to the floor. (If the names I use for this are your name, just ignore it, mkay? Mkay.) Lily laughed loudly, being the one who scared me. Meleny giggled, coming out from behind the trees. "Y-you bitch!" I gasped out, slapping a hand over my rapidly beating heart. They both laughed, Lily singing, "We got you!" "Yeah yeah, whatever." I joked, getting up. Meleny grinned, "Well, now that that amazing jump scare is over, shall we enter?" I smiled, bowing and holding my hands out to the woods, "After you." Meleny walked passed, "Why thank you my good Ma'dam." "Only for the important." "Am I not important!?" Lily gasped, throwing her hands up. I grinned, "Course you are! You're president of!" She laughed, "The air? Really? Well then, I shall be the best damn president of the air the world has ever seen!"  We all laughed, entering the dark woods. The sun had set, and the sky was dark. The trees caste dark shadows, in which we compared them to that one scene in SnowWhite, laughing and imitating the ridicules screams. We walked for a while, exploring. I was the first to realize something wasn't right. It wasn't much, but I juts something was wrong. I hesitated slightly, glancing around. "What'd wrong?" Meleny teased, "Spooked?" "N-no.." I started, "It's just....I don't know..j-just forget about it, probably nothing." Ten minutes passed, and the feeling got worse. I started seeing shadows. Well, figures. I told myself it was the trees. The bare sticks twisting into whatever the sick twisted mind wanted. I kept telling myself it was normal. A normal December night. A normal night of adventuring with my friends. Then, I started hearing whispering. Thing's I couldn't understand. "Stop." I said in a hushed whisper, "Do you hear that?" They both listened. "Um...that's not normal." Lily said, glancing around. "Think we've got a stalker?" Meleny said, joking. I, in return, slapped her shoulder, "Don't  joke about that." The whispering stopped. Then we seen it. A dark figure standing a few feet away. "Why...are you in my woods." He whispered, voice dark and cold. All three of us stopped, starring at him with in fear. He had his hands in his pockets, looking down so his hood and hair covered his eyes. From what I could tell, he had silver hair and wore a grey jacket, black pants and shoes giving him a...dark look. "Do you...know what I do to people who trespass?" He looked up slowly. A wide grin was stretched across his face, red eyes starring at us. He pulled something out of his pocket, it glinted in the moonlight. "I cut them open." Meleny was the first to realize what he had, screaming and scrambling  backwards. He held a blood stained knife. Now that I thought about it, he was splattered in blood. The scream set him off, he instantly acted. I couldn't process what was happening. I couldn't move. I couldn't stop him. Blood splattered against me, more screaming filled the air. Her body hit the ground, the screams stopping. "RUN!" Lily screamed, pulling me away from the monster. Finally, I snapped back to reality, spinning around and sprinting after my friend. I didn't have to turn around to know he was chasing us. Lily was a few feet ahead of me, so the murderer was closer to me. We didn't know where we were going, we just ran. I didn't even know where we were. We've been walking for hours, there's no telling how deep in the woods we were. It was supposed to be a normal day. A day filled with laughter and messing around. Not....this. Meleny was dead. And we were next. Then the unthinkable happened. The least thing anyone -Except for the killer- would want. I tripped. As soon as I slammed to the ground, I knew I was dead. No, when he grabbed my shirt and pulled me back, then I knew I was dead. "LILY!" I screamed, struggling to get away. She stopped, looking over her shoulder. She hesitated, starring at me. She continued to run. Leaving em for dead. The killer chuckled, "I'll get her later, but you're what I really want." I struggled harder, desperately trying to get away. He simply laughed, pressing the bloody blade against my throat. "Stop struggling, sweety, I don't want to hurt you.~" he purred. I did, not wanting to end up like Meleny. He giggled insanely, shoving me back to the ground. I hit the ground hard enough to drive the air out. While I was recovering, he flipped me over, pinning me afterwards. "What's your name?" He hissed with a smirk. I didn't reply, it wasn't exactly easy with a knife pressed to your neck. He growled, his entire demeanor changing to hostile. He put more pressure on the knife, almost breaking the skin. "Y-Y/n." I choked out, tears slipping from my eyes. He smiled again, a glint in his eyes, "My name's Ross, remember it 'cause you'll be screaming it soon." I didn't understand what he meant until he unzipped my jacket half way. I, in return, screamed 'no' and re-zipped it. Then it became a silent battle of zipping and un-zipping. He shook his head slightly, "Dear, I'm sure you don't want to be covered in your friends blood, so behave and let me take care of you." I started to struggle, clutching the zipper tightly. Finally, Ross got tired of my struggling, forcefully pinning my arms above my head, cutting the jacket away. He ripped the scarf off, starting to cut my shirt off as well. I struggled the hardest I could at that point, kicking and screaming. His eyes narrowed, and he snarled, raising the knife up slightly. He threw it down, the blade barely missing my neck and embedding in the ground. I whimpered, stopping. He moved close to my face, pinning both of my arms above my head. "Listen," He hissed, "We can do this the hard way. Where I do whatever I want then kill you afterwords. Or the easy way. Where you stop struggling and enjoy this!" I flinched, looking away and crying harder then before. I stopped struggling, not wanting this, but not wanting to die more. Ross gave a sickly sweet smile, continuing to cut my shirt away. "P-please don't d-do this." I whispered. He simply smiled, throwing the ruined shirt aside. Next, he cut off my pants. And I was left in only my bra and panties. And it was still freezing. But that was the least of my worries. He was nice enough to simply unclasp my bra, pulling it off. I instantly went to cover myself, but alas, he still had my hands pinned above my head. I could cross my legs though, which I did. Ross didn't like that, at all. But, for some reason, he acted nice. He gave a soft smile, "I wont hurt you." "S-somehow I'm having trouble b-believing that..." I snapped. Probably not a good idea to talk to him that way. He continued to smile, "You're special. I want you, not like the others. I can be mean or nice. I'm perfectly fine with either. But it's your choice." I hesitated, "Y-you wont hurt m-me?" "If you be good, I'll be gentle." I hesitated again, but nodded. Still didn't want this. Still didn't want to die. This was normal, right? Being raped by a complete stranger whom killed your friend and was planning to kill another friend whom left you to die? Yep. Normal. I uncrossed my legs, and he took the last article of clothing off. He picked me up, setting me back on his lap. He wiped away the tears that were still present. He gave a soft smile, though to me it looked evil. Everything about this guy was evil to me. I still can't believe what was happening. This was supposed to be a normal, boring day. but no. That can't happen. He stuck three fingers in his mouth, the best possible lube at the moment. "Ready?" He asked when he thought it was enough. I looked away from him, giving a curt nod, even though I'd never be truly ready for what would come. He trailed his hand down words, before stopping just at my entrance. Gingerly, he slid it in. Instantly tensed up at the unknown sensation, and his hand was cold. Ridiculously cold. He moved it around slowly, and when I was used to it, added another. I winced slightly in pain, gripping his shoulders. Ross slowly pumped the two digits, making scissored motions. After a few seconds, he added the third, and hopefully last. I whimpered this time, tightening my grip on his shoulders. When the pain faded, he sped up slightly, spreading the three. I accidentally let out a small, almost silent, moan. Ross smirked, "Was that a moan I heard?" I quickly shook my head, blushing darkly. He chuckled, curling his fingers. "A-ah.~"  He stretched my walls a few more times -I happened to moan more by accident- then pulled them out. He then git undressed, and I wanted to struggle again, kick, and scream. But, I didn't. Surprisingly. I was even more scared the before. "I'll be gentle." He reassured, laying me back on the ground. I  kept my hands on his shoulders, calming down only slightly. He slammed his lips against mine, distracting me from the pain that would soon come. Too my own surprise, I kissed back, distracting myself in a way. He quickly, but carefully, entered. I groaned in pain as he did, tightening my grip. Once he was half way in, he stopped, pulling away. "Tell me when I can move." He said softly. After what felt like hours, I nodded slightly. Slowly, he moved in and out of me. It honestly still stung, but after a few minutes, it went away. Every few thrusts, he would speed up. Going faster and faster. Each time I would moan louder and louder. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this. I didn't want to enjoy it, but I did. And there's nothing I can do to stop that fact. "R-Ross!" I gasped out, a large amount of pleasure suddenly flooding threw me. He smirked against my neck, biting down and slamming into that spot over and over again. In a matter of seconds, I was screaming. I was screaming in pleasure. He grunted slightly, practically going at an inhuman speed at this point. Finally, unable to stand the pleasure, and with the shout of his name, I came. The orgasm forcing my body into overdrive, making my body tremble. With one final, hard thrust, Ross came. We were both panting, I was panting harder due to the fact that I was still in shock. He pulled out, pulling me back into his lap and holding me close. I just leaned against his chest, just wanting to forget this ever happened. I glared at the ground, I was disgusted in myself. I was disgusted I let this...thing fuck me. I was disgusted that I enjoyed it. "Sleep." He said in a sweet tone I hated. I eventually passed out, unable to keep my eyes open.
When I woke up, I was in my own bed. I sat up slowly, questioning his the whole nightmare was just a dream. Then I realized I was naked, a grey jacket wrapped around me. 

Rule. 34: Pregnancy doesn't exist in the fanfic world XD
This took longer then I hoped. I honestly didn't know what to do, but, here it is! Sorry the actual smut part is short, but at least it's 2000 words! I guess. Also I was trying to rush it, I was super paranoid my door would slam open at any moment. 
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