Skybrine x secretive!reader

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Y/n pov

I never tell anyone anything. No one knows my name, where I'm from, not even my age. I sit alone at lunch and I have no friends, but that;s the way I like it. I was taking a walk in the forest (ALWAYS THE FOREST!!) Listening to music. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I took of my headphones and turned around. "Hi!" A boy my age greeted. He had brown hair and bright pure yellow eyes that glowed. He wore dark blue pants, a light blue shirt, and grey shoes, ha also had an amulet. "Hi?" I replied. I didn't really want to talk. "I'm Sky. What are you doing alone in the forest?" He asked. "Just walking, I guess." I said, wishing he would go away (Gosh, why so mean?) "What's your name?" He asked with a friendly tone. "Um, I don't really tell people my name." I said trying to be as nice as possible. "Why?" Why wont he leave me alone?(Stahp being mean!) "I don't like giving away any information about my self. Why do you want to know anyways?" I said, still wishing he would leave. "You seem like a cool girl, I just wanna get to know you," He said, still in a happy tone, "You also seem like you have a lot of secrets." I started to feel annoyed. "Yah, I do." I simply said. "Please tell me something about you. Your name? Favorite color? Anything!" He whined. "I like to be alone and not be bothered!" I growled. He sighed, "I'm not leaving you alone till I get your name." I groaned, clearly annoyed. "What if I tell you about myself?" I sighed, "I might tell you my name..BUT then will you leave me alone!?" He nodded. I shifted my weight to my other foot, waiting for him to start. "Well my full name is Skybrine. My father is Herobrine. I hate squids, love budder! (ish still Sky 030) My best friends are a ender dragon hybrid and a wither hybrid." He continued to tell me stuff about him. He was actually kinda interesting and I guess he was cute. "That's it. Now will you please tell me your name?" I thought about it for awhile, I never told anybody my name before, should I now? I sighed, "Y/n. My name's Y/n."

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