Skybrine x Blind!reader

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(y/n) pov

I yelped as I was thrown into a car, my walking stick (don't know what it's called) was taken away from me. "Liston blindy, your staying at a murderer's house." (b/n), my bully said driving off. "Why? Why are you doing this? Why do you hate me." I asked him. "Because you get ALL the intention, and i'm tired of it." She/he snarled. I stayed quiet and looked away with unseeing eyes. After about ten minuets she/he screeched to a stop and dragged me out. I yelped as a door was opened and I was thrown in. "You'll get your stick back in the morning, if you survive. Hopefully he'll kill you." He/she laughed and slammed the door. I felt over to the door and grabbed the handle, I tried to pull it open, locked. I knew where I was. I was at a Brine's house. I whimpered and slid down the door. I didn't want to die. I shivered from the cold and held back tears. I yelped when I heard a floor bored creak. I looked around even though I couldn't see. I heard slow foot steps walking towards me. I started crying and shook from fear. I heard the foot steps stop in front of me. I whimpered and pressed my self against the door, desperately looking around to find something I couldn't see. I could hear the steady breathing of the person in front of me. "Why are you here?" The person growled. "I-I was f-forced here. I-i'm s-sorry." I stuttered out, looking towards the voice. Judging by it the person was male. I heard the man kneel down and I felt his breath on my face. I flinched and pressed further onto the door. Tears still fell and I still shook. 'I'm going to die.' I shook harder. I felt whoever was in front of me wipe a tear away. "Your blind. Arn't you?"  He asked, I nodded, my pale (e/c) eyes looking towards him. "And how did you get here?" He asked again. "I-I was forced." I repeated. He sighed. I whimpered as I felt him pick me up. He turned around and walked somewhere. I felt him walk up stairs and open a door. He placed me on a bed and sat beside me. "What's your name?" He asked me, "(y-y/n)." I replied, still shaking. "Well (y/n), I'm Sky." I nodded. "Why were you forced here?" He asked me calmly. "A bully forced me in a car and locked me in here." I told him. I calmed down and stopped shaking. "Why did they take you here?" I started shaking again, "she/he s-said you'd k-kill m-me." I said quietly, looking down. "I would never hurt you." He said wrapping me in a hug. I hesitantly hugged back. "I would never hurt you." He said again, but quieter. I rested my head on his should and shivered from the cold. He pulled back and reached for something. He wrapped a soft warm blanket around me. I said thank you and snuggled into the warmth. "Hey Sky?" "Yes." "Why ouldn't you hurt me?" I asked him. There was a silence then he spoke, "Because your beautiful and shouldn't be hurt or killed. And if anyone hurts you, I'll hurt them." I smiled, "Thank you." "Your welcome." I yawned. "Get some sleep." Sky gently laid me down and put another blanket over me. He got up to leave but I managed to grab his hand, "Please stay." He walked to the other side and got under the covers. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. I smiled and snuggled into him. "Hey (Y/n)?" He asked, "Mm hmm?" "I love you." I was shocked by his words. I smiled, "I love you to." He pulled me closer and kissed my head. I slowly feel asleep, smiling.

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