Phantom Seto x Insane!reader

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I've been here for a year! Wooooo! :3

Y/n pov

I was dubbed 'Insane' ever since I started telling them that..he.. was trying to kill me. I told them about how he was ALWAYS there. They told me I was violent and threw me in a 'Crazy house'. I guess screaming and crying...and throwing things...does sound violent. They never believed me. He...was a ghost. Or he said. He always said how I wasn't loved and that he would snap my neck... I was terrified. I am terrified. He would...put deep gouges in my arms and wrists. They all thought I was self harming. Who are they, you might ask? My mom. Family. The 'doctors'.
I was currently on the pure white, bland hospital bed. It wasn't a high-tech one or anything... just a normal bed. That I hated. I hated the white walls, with faint paintings of flowers. The flowers were barely visible, so you had to squint yo see them. And they just looked... sad. Anyways, I was on the bed, curled in a ball, wishing he would leave. He..wore what looked like a magic robe or whatever, his hands and lower legs/feet were translucent. One eye was white, a thin black line around it, the other was just... just gone. Once he saw me starring at it, he told me he ripped it out himself. He did not spare any detail either...
His skin was really pale, exactly what you would expect for a ghost. Thinking about it...he had no all really! Just different shades of grey and white. (#FIFTYSHADESOFSETO!!!) And he, like his complexion, he was cold...and mean. He was currently in the darkest corner in the small room, watching me. My back was to him, I was trying to ignore him. "You're an idiot." He hissed, "Thinking you can get rid of me somehow! Guess what, sweetie, I'm not going anywhere!" I pulled the white blankets over my head, studying the stitching in order to not scream and cry. A loud snap and bang sounded threw the room, along with a sparking sound. "Whoops!" I could hear the grin in his voice. I peeked out, only slightly; seeing a sparking, broken camera on the ground. That can't be good. He brushed his hands against his weird....dress. Yes. Perfect. A dress. I almost smiled thinking about that. He growled, "It is not a dress." How did he.... "Magic!" He giggled insanely, "I can this!" I screamed in pain and fell off the bed. A horrible pain throbbed threw my body. It felt like I was being ripped apart. Withering in pain, I screamed louder. The pain kept getting worse and worse. "S-STOP! ST-STOP PLEASE!!" I begged. He laughed loudly and, thankfully, stopped. "Time to gooo!" And with that, he backed up, and appeared to melt into the shadows. As if on cue, the door slammed open. "Ms. L/n, Are you alright?" A nurse fretted. I laid on the ground, not moving at all. "I-I'm f-fine." I whispered out. I gave up telling them what it was. "Good. Now shut up and go to bed!" She yelled and left, slamming the door. Jeez...her attitude changed fast. No one was really nice to me anymore. My mom never even visits! "Ouch!" That stupid voice. I groaned and rolled under the bed. "Leave me alone!" He ignored me, "You would think she would see the fire!" "WHAT!?" I instantly got out, smelling smoke. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I screamed, starring at the flaming floor. "Nothing! The camera blew up." He burst out laughing, "You're screwed now!" I ran to the door, like always, it was locked. "Nononono!" I tried harder, banging on it, "OPEN THE DOOR! FIRE! PLEASE!" 
"SHUT UP, YOU'RE HALLUCINATING!" The same nurse yelled. the fire started spreading more, suddenly bursting into a white color. "Okay. THAT was me!" He cackled. "Welp have fun!" He disappeared. "OPEN THE DOOR!" I screamed. tears roweled down my face at this point. The nurse slammed the door open and gasped. "Oh my god.." She turned around and ran. She didn't help at all. I glanced at the flames and ran out. I instantly hit the fore alarm. The loud sound echoing threw the halls. The doors swung open, something about the mechanics. Nurses and people ran to help the sicker people out. My whole room was engulfed in the white flames. I ran down the halls, flames bursted into life in front of me. Laughing echoed threw the halls. I turned around, a giant wall of flames there too! I was trapped. I screamed as they got closer, the heat becoming intense. The floor began to crack, and the floor gave way. I screamed louder ads I feel into a black void. 

I hit the floor hard, yelping loudly. My eyes flew open and I sat up, panting heavily. I looked around. I was in my room, no flames at all! "Enjoy your little nap?" He said with a laugh. I hugged my knees to my chest, bursting into tears. "J-just go a-away, pl-please!" I sobbed, closing my eyes tightly. He seemed to go silent. "Wh-why ar-are you d-doing th-this?" I whispered, shaking at this point. "Wh-why not j-just ki-kill me! Like y-you always s-s-ay you will?" I cried harder. "J-just do i-it all-already! St-stop play-ing these g-games.." He sighed, "You want to die?" "I-if it means all th-this-s stops...then yes-s!" Everything went silent. He picked me up, I whimpered of coarse, and sat me..right on his lap. I couldn't stop the faint blush from forming. "Wh-what ar-are you d-doing?" I asked quietly. "Something i should have done a long time ago..." Before I could even think...he pressed his lips gently against mine. For once...since I ever seen him...he was being...almost nice. Surprisingly...I found myself kissing back, slightly. After what seemed like an eternity...he pulled away. My face was very red at this point. " you.." He whispered, looking down. "Then..why do all of that?" I asked, my stutter finally gone. He sighed, "What I do is...I go around, attacking one person after another, either killing them, or making them kill themselves. I do this...because I feel that it isn't fair..what happened to me. And you, were my next victim. And I...the first time I seen you..I knew that I couldn't kill you. Or whatever. So I tried to just do as I normally do. And, well, hearing that you...want to die...I don't want that. Because....I truly love you, Y/n." I smiled a little, "I kinda too." He smiled and hugged me, "I will..never hurt you again. I promise." I  smiled a little more, and hugged back. "Thank you....Ghost I do not know the name of." He chuckled, "I'll let the Ghost part slip. And my name's Seto." "Then, thank you, Seto."

tat was cute :3

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