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This is my own insane version of Ethan :3
Still don't know if this counts as an oc! (This Ethan is a assassin ninja thing, basically SubZero from Mortal Kombat x3

Y/n pov

I walked down the silent streets, the snow falling lightly from the dark sky. Everything was calm. My footsteps and breathing were the only sound. That is, until a scream filled the air. I jumped, whipping towards the noise. Terrified shouts came from that direction. Without thinking, I ran towards the sound. I turned a sharp corner, stopping when I seen a man on his knees. "N-no! Please! I-I'm sorry!" He was in tears. A large cut ran down his arm, blood staining the white snow covered ground. He was alone. No one else was there. I was about to speak, when a figure jumped from the top of a building, slicing his head clean off. They stopped on there knees , head lowered, and their weapon  on the ground. I went silent, processing what happened. Whoever this was, looked up slowly. A single ice blue eye landed on me. I backed up slowly, screaming at what happened. I could now tell that it was a boy. He stood up, and held out his blood splattered katana. He pressed a single finger to his lips, well, where they would be -he wore a mask, only one eye was visible, his silver hair covering the other-. "Shhhh." He whispered. In a flurry of snow, he disappeared. I backed up, my eyes wide with shock. Then, I turned around and ran. I ran as fast as I could, fear kept me going. Finally, I reached my house, running up the steps and slamming open the door. I quickly ran in, slamming it shut and locking it. In a span of five minutes, everything was locked. What is it followed me? I paced around my living room, quickly dialing the number I never thought I'd use. "911, what's your emergency?" "Y-yes, I-I w-witnessed a m-murder." I told them everything, leaving out the part about the man disappeared. When everything was done, I hung up, about to leave my house and run somewhere else. When a scraping sound came from the window. I shuddered, more fear flooding in. I crept towards the sound, it stopped as I stopped in front of it. 'HeLlO?' was crudely scratched into the glass. My blood ran cold, and I backed up slowly, starring at the marks. My back hit something. Something that wasn't there before. I froze, and I had a feeling I knew who it was. A sharp object was pressed against my throat. The katana, still encrusted with the crimson liquid.  "No witnesses." A cold voice whispered, pressing the weapon harder against my neck. I choked back a scream. He suddenly removed it, and shoved me to the ground. I yelped, falling to my knees. He walked slowly in front of me and stopped. I looked up at him in fear. I got a better look at him. He wore black boots and black laces, a black trench coat that reached just above his ankles, it was short sleeved. A pair of unattached sleeves covered his arms. He had silver hair, almost blue hair, covering one eye. His eyes looked like ice. An icy blue that glared into my own. He wore a belt that had various throwing knives and daggers attached to it. He held his katana, a sheath at his side. Along with everything else, a mask hid his mouth and nose. Only one eye and a little bit of pale skin could be shown. He remained silent, clicking the sword against the ground threateningly. I was shaking, fear pulsing threw me. "P-pl-please don't h-hurt me." I whispered, terrified. The man cocked his head, his eye holding a murderess glint, "You should be honored. Only a few 'special' people die to my blade." He pointed it at my neck, "It's a shame, really. You're so beautiful....what a wasted life." He held the katana up, prepared to slice my neck open. "W-wait!" He stopped, just before hitting the target. "P-please, I-I'll do anything! J-just..." Tears rolled down my cheeks, "j-just p-please..." He examined me. Before lowering his weapon, "What would you do for your life?" "A-anything you w-want." He smirked, commanding, "Stand up." Hesitantly, but quickly, I did, still shaking. He walked around me again. My eyes followed him the entire time, waiting for him to do something. His arm grazed against my arm, causing me to flinch. "What's your name?" He inquired. "Y-Y/n." I breathed. He gently dragged his hand across my cheek, starring into my eyes. "I suppose....I could let you live." A glimmer of hope sparked in my chest. "But there's a catch." It vanished. "You have too stay with me. You'll never see any of your friends again, or family. But you'll live." He pressed the blade against my neck again, "It's your choice." I nodded slowly, "O-okay....b-but....can I h-have a few more days to say goodbye?" He starred at me for a while, before giving a slight nod. He turned away, prepared to leave. "W-wait. Whats your..n-name?" He glanced over his shoulder, "Ethan." Then vanished. Just as he did before. 

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