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Insane BajanCanadian x shy!reader

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I was hanging out with my friends, Jerome, Adam, Ty and Jason. We were all (except me) were telling ghost stories. "And the poor woman turned around and saw her daughter her eyes gouged out, 'mamma?' She said holding out her bloody hands-" Jason was telling a story when lighting crashed down and the house went dark. "EEP!" i yelped and hid under my blanket. "Calm down (y/n) its just thunder." Adam said putting a hand on my back. "I- i don't like loud noises." My voice was barely a whisper. "It's okay just a litt- BOOM" i yelped again and snuggled against him. Still under the blanket. "Well sorry but we haft to head home." My jaw all most dropped. 'I dint wanna be alone. "O-okay." I said. "See you tomorrow?" Jerome asked. "Yah." After they left i was left alone. In the dark. During a thunderstorm. 'Great.' I thought. Me being a scared person. I just staid on my couch. Scared of mr.boogy man. I was almost asleep when i heard the window open. I closed my eyes- scratch that, i hid under the covers. Step. Step. Step. At this point i was terrified. 'I-its just Ty playing a prank.' I squeezed my eyes shut. No matter how much i tried i couldn't help but shake. Step. Step. The foot steps got louder and louder. Step. They stopped. I shacked harder. They were Right tin front of me. I could here there breathing. I clenched my eyes tighter and squeezed the blanket. "Hehe." I heard him quietly laugh. I whimpered quietly when i felt him put a hand on the couch cushion. Shaking harder, desperately trying to pretend be asleep. I whimpered again when he slid his hand closer to me. I have NO idea who this is. Not any of my friends. 'no, its just a prank.' When he put his hand on my shoulder i flinched. 'SHIZ. No no um asleep go away.' "Hehe." I heard him laugh and walk away. 'mabey i can escape.' I peeked out from the blanket. I saw a figure facing away from me and a view meters away. 'Good.' I quietly got up and took off to the door. When i reached the door i tried to open it. Locked. I heard him running. My eyes widened and i tried to unlock it. I yelped as i was slammed against the wall with my hands pinned above my head. I thrashed around trying to escape, but he was REALLY strong. "And where do you think your going?~" i was shaking and looked at him. He had pale skin, slightly messy brown hair and redeyes. His hood was checkered black and red with small blood stains. Then just jeans, with blood. He had an evil smirk on his face. "I-i-i"  i couldn't even make words. "Whats your name?" He asked, "(y-y/n)." "Hehe, I'm Mitch." 'OH MA GERD THAT LAUGH! Its creepy and kinda cu-NO hes a random person in your house, with blood stains. He pulled out a knife and put in at throat. "P-please d-don't." He pressed harder, i squeaked and a tear slid down. He smirked and lightly kissed it away. I shivered. "And what if i don't?~" i yelped as a little bit of blood rolled down my neck. I whimpered and shudder  when he licked the blood. I tried to get away from him. "Now what are you doing." I had to escape. "I-I'm uh.. tired." I lied, a was a little tired. "Your tired eh?" "Y-yes i a-am." He smirked and picked me up. I gasped and wrapped my arms around him as he carried me bridle style to my bed. I blushed as he laid me down. He put the covers on me and walked to the other side. I blushed and tried to turn over only to be smushed in his chest. I blushed and he held me there. I gave up and snuggled into his chest.

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