Enderlox x Hyper!Neko! reader

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Y/n pov

I smiled widely and hopped around my friend. His name was Enderlox, I just called him Ty. "Will you calm down?" He hissed. I shook my head, "Nope!" He sighed a d sat on our couch, we shared a house together. Some said it was a horrible idea to live with a dragon hybrid; something about how Nekos and dragons don't get along. We got along just fine. I giggled and sat beside him, hopping slightly. "This is the last time I'm giving you sugar!!" He shouted. I grabbed a pillow and smacked him across the face with it. ".....Oh you're sooo dead!" He grabbed one and swung it at me. I squealed as it collided with my face and I feel off the couch. I jumped up and barely dodged another swing. I smacked him again, he let out an 'oof' sound. He growled slightly and I felt something wrap around my ankle. I was suddenly dragged forwards, falling on my back. "That's cheating!!" I mewed. He got on top of me, grabbed my pillow before i could hit him, and pinned my arms above my head with one hand. He snickered, "I didn't cheat, I simply knocked you down." I rolled my eyes and struggled, "Okay, let meh guuu!!" He shook his head, "I like chu better like this. "Let me go-Hmf!?" I was cut off as he pressed his lips against mine. My tail poofed up in surprise. The kiss was gentle, and passionate...and after a moment of shock, I found myself kissing back. He let go of my arms, which I immediately wrapped around his neck, deepening the kiss. I closed my eyes, his lips were soft, I loved them. He pulled away after a moment. I smiled slightly, "Did you just do that to shut me up...ooorrr?" He smirked slightly, "I've had a 'crush' on you for a while...but now..I think I love you." I smiled wider, "I-I love you too, Ty." He got off of me and helped me up. "W...Will you be my..um..g-girlfriend?" He asked with a blush. Aww, he looked cute when he was nervous! I smiled, "Of course!" He grinned and hugged my, wrapping his tail around mine, "Thank you so much!!" I smiled more an hugged him back.

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