withermu x suicidal!reader

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(M/b/n)= male bully name
(F/b/n)=female bully name

(Y/n) pov

'I hate my life.' I thought as I walked home from school, 'i hate (f/b/n) and her stupid boyfriend. Maybe i should kill my self.'

=school before the walk home.=

I was walking threw the halls of my school when (f/b/n) and (m/b/n) walked up to me. "Hey." She said but i ignored her. (M/b/n) pushed me against the wall, "if shes talking to you then you listen." I glared at him then he punched me in the chest. He then held me by my shirt collar and repeatedly hit me in the face. I whimpered when i hit the floor. "Next time don't ignore me." (F/b/n) said and kicked me in the chest three times. She started walking away but turned, "why don't you kill your self. You don't have friends, your mommy's dead and your dad hats you." I curled in a ball as she and (m/b/n) walked away. "I hate my life." I mumbled and sat up. 'Might as well go home.'

=back to present=

I arrived at my house and walked in. "(Y/N)! WHY ARE YOU HOME?" My 'dad' screamed in my face. He didn't let me speak. He slapped me hard and walked to the kitchen to get more beer. I cried and ran to my bathroom. I searched my 'friend.' When i found the familiar rectangle object i ran to the woods.

=time skip=

When i was pretty deep in the forest i sat on a log. I started to cry again. I stared at the razor blade for a few seconds. "One. For no friends. Two. For not having a mother. Three. For all the bullying. Four. Not having a mother." I stopped. 'Kill yourself, everyone will be happier.' 'You useless, just do it.' Horrible thoughts swirled in my head. "I should." A tear slips down my cheek and mixed with the blood. I placed the razor on the other side of my elbow. 'Remember to up the street and not across the rode.' I thought grimly. I closed my eyes but before i could move the razor someone grabbed it. "Stop that." He said throwing the razor. I just sat there crying into my hands. "Calm down, shhh its okay." He let me cry onto his shirt and he whispered converting things in my ear. I felt dizzy and blacked out from blood lose.

=time skip waking up=

I slowly got up. I wasn't in my room. "Where am i?" I asked no one. "Your at my house." I gasped and turned to see a man holding a glass of water. "I, how did i get here?." I asked, "i carried you." He said. "Oh." I said embarrassed. I looked at my arms remembering the cuts. They were bandaged. I started to tear up. "Hey hey. Its okay your fine now." He said rubbing my back. I finally calmed down and i got a better look at him, he had on a blue and black looking suit, brown hair, wight eyes and to little helmets that had bat wings. He must have seen my puzzled looked because he started to explain, "I'm a wither hybrid." I nodded my head. "Whats your name?" I asked him. "Oh, sorry. My name's withermu. Yours?" He said extending his hand. "(Y/n)." I said taking his hand. Then he frowned and pulled me into a hug. "Please never hurt your self again." He said squeezing me. "Ok." I mumbled, holding back tears. "Are you hungry?" He asked pulling away. "YES!" I practically screamed. He giggled, "okay."

=After food=
Withermu and I sat on the couch. "Hey (y/n)?" He asked turning to Me. "Yah?" I asked back. "Do," he hesitated, "do you believe in love at first sight." "Yah?" I said in more of a question. "I, well ill just show you." He lent in, i just froze. Then he closed the gap between us. I closed my eyes and kissed back. He wrapped his arms around my waste and i wrapped mine around his neck. I was the first one to pull away. "(Y/n), i love you." I smiled, its been so long since someone said that. "I love you to."

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