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I can no longer update on this book, at all. Finally, I reached the limit. And yes, I tried deleting things, yet it didn't do anything (You can check! It was like 280, now it's 218 (Maybe). I said this stuff in another book, so some things are being repeated. Sadly, all the requests I had before will never be done... And I will not be making another book. I'm going to be focusing on other books, not just x readers. I realize that because of this, I could lose people. But...that's okay (Even if I might cry in the end), true people who actually like my books will stay. Maybe this is a good thing, wattpad was supposed to be a therapeutic thing for me, but this certain book put a huge amount of stress on me, yet now, I can do what I want! Sorry for everyone who likes these kinds of books, I've only got one thing to say to you: Go find someone else. If you actually like my stories for what they are, than expect more! I'll do my best with updating, even if it'll be pretty slow, but I'll still be here! Please respect my decisions, and please, enjoy whatever you love to read!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
This is officially the last part for this book, it is now completed.

Alright, this is what happened, two laptops, two problems. All my requests are stored on one laptop (And other wattpad related things ;-;), and the other is just, yeah. So, because of my new laptop, I've been just using it (Using it now actually), and I don't even charge the other one. Of course, I haven't looked at the requests, buuut I'm fixing that! 

Also, I've had two people offer help to write some request, (I just chose five for each, I think that's reasonable!). Thank you for everyone else for offering :)
So, in bold are the two wattpaders (And the link to their profile!) and the following requests. I've put them here because, well, how would someone know which request is being made where? If you find your request listed below, then watch on whoevers profile you get for it! If it's not there, I'm doing it.

First One, RiisaTheHunter (Link: )
(Italics= person requesting! Bold= Just-so-you-can-see-it)
Insane House_Owner x Shape-Shifter!reader

 Darkiplier x Angel!Neko!reader

 Yandere!Enderlox x Neko!reader

 Insane!GizzyGazza x reader

 BlazeSeto x Fire-sorceress!reader

Second, Summer-and-dead (Link: 

Enderlox x Ninja!readerJgirl1226Bodil666 x Neko!readerKawai_MarshmallowBodil666 x reader x Bodil40Intoxicated_SetoInsane!Neko!ASFJerome x Hybrid!readertheFangatangInsane!Derpssudnee x Scared!readerKawai_Marshmallow

Sorry if your's was chosen and you didn't want it to be or anything, I'm trying to keep everyone happy :'D If, as I said, your name is up there, than check out the user that your request is located at. Also, since I'm incredibly tired (And lazy, but mostly tired this time) I'm not going to update tonight. So, make sure to check these people out, even if your request isn't there, they're both pretty cool! 

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