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Apparently my smut was too graphic. Four days I worked on it. Four. Fuckin. Days. People asked for it, people got it. If you don't like it, don't read it. There's no need to complain and make me feel like shit. 
Enjoy this fucking safe shit.

Y/n pov

I sat in a field. I had no eyes. No nose. No mouth. No arms. No legs. Nothing. I was a green. I was a....watermelon. One day, in my vegetative state, I saw -Don't ask how- a man walking threw the field. He had an orange shirt with a cyan S on it and simply jeans. He had soft brown hair and dark eyes. And on his head sat a....a....a WATERMELON HEAD!? Horror filled my squishy melons. His eyes lit up when he seen me, and he strolled over. He pulled off the bloody head of my decapitated breatherin, and threw it away. He said something about a new hat. I didn't hear, because I am a watermelon. My black seeds quivered with fear. He pulled out a knife, watermelon essence still stuck on the blade. Then....everything went black. Because. I was a watermelon. 

Requested by SubZer0Girl

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