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Y/n pov

I grinned at the bodies littered in front of me. I was covered in blood, my knife by my side. My ears swiveled to the left, hearing a twig snap. I spun around, seeing a boy. He had brown hair and red eyes; he too was covered in blood. I growled, "Mitch." He smiled, "Hello, Y/n." I glared at him, stepping forwards threateningly, "Didn't I tell you to stay out of my land?" He simply smiled back. "Get out or I'll kill you." I hissed. He laughed, "I'd like to see you try." He pulled out his knife. It looked similar to mine, but his had complex designs. Instantly, I jumped at him, slashing his cheek open. He giggled, "Didn't expect that." He slammed the blade into my shoulder. Almost. I jumped to the side, grabbing his arm and twisting it. He simply giggled again, spinning around and slicing my arm. I, in return, stabbed the blade into his back. Mitch ripped it out himself, handing it back with a cocky grin. Just as I grabbed it, he swept his leg undermine, making me fall, instantly stomped on my chest, forcing me down, I hissed in slight pain. "I've been doing this a lot longer than you, Y/n." He hissed, his smile turning to a scowl. "I have more experience then you'll ever have." I smiled softly, tail twitching innocently, "Oh Mitchy. At least I know never to give a weapon back." Before he could speak, I bury the knife into his leg, ripping it downwards. I dragged him down as well –knocking his knife few feet away in the process-, flipping him onto his back. I was on top of him, my knife pressed to his neck. He smiled, staying silent. I glared back at him. "Well, this is a nice position." He chuckled. I couldn't stop the blush from forming. "But, I like this one better." He flipped us, grabbing my knife and throwing it. Now I was pinned under him, my arms above my head. My tail lashed around angrily, ears laying back. "You know," He whispered, moving closer to my face, our lips just barely touching, "We don't have to fight...we could be a team." I found myself slightly leaning into him, begging for his lips. I couldn't stop myself. I'd be lying if I claimed he wasn't hot. He smiled a little more, pressing our lips together in a passionate kiss. I kissed back, of course. He unpinned my arms, placing one of his against my hip. I wrapped mine around his neck, deepening the kiss in doing so. When we pulled away, I stared into his eyes. "Guess that mean yes?" He said with that cocky grin I loved so much. I smiled back, "Yes." Then I pressed our lips back together.

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